How To Barbecue. The good, The Bad, The Better

Learn how to barbecue and you will open up an entire new, pleasurable manner of cooking. The above photo of the beautiful barbecue is one of the great line of Weber Barbecues

First of all here is a little background for your interest.

Man hasn’t just learned about cooking over hot coals recently. In fact, we can go back thousands of years and archeologists will still find ancient fire pits. Until a couple of hundred years ago, before the modern kitchen range developed, placing meat and vegetables in an open fire was the only way to go.

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There are two alternatives to charcoal fired barbecues. Gas or electric.

There are kettles and single or box type that use natural or bottled gas there are also barbecues heated by electric coils in similar models.

Both the gas and electric types are easy to use in place of building a fire in a pit. Since they heat quickly, there is very little hanging around before you get busy cooking.

Outdoor models that use bottled gas mostly come with wheels so the unit can be moved in case of fire or simply for convenience. Natural gas models are mostly without wheels as they are hard piped to the gas supply.

Electric units are usually wheeled as they are lighter in weight and they may be plugged into the nearest electrical outlet.

Indoors, permanently installed gas and electric units are often located next to the range tops so they can share the existing overhead fan. Some models have built in fans. Weber grill recipes are great done on these.

If you have a homemade barbecue grill you may have located it permanently in the outdoors with a nice stone surround.

Gas units as well as some electric units make use of briquette-shaped material such as lava rock that is placed over the burner to radiate the heat evenly over the surface. When meat juices drip down onto the hot rock the smoke rises and permeates the meat. It’s this smoke, not the charcoal that gives that real barbecue flavor to the meat. This is how you learn to how to barbecue.

Usually, food prepared on gas and electric grills requires about the same time to cook as time on conventional barbecues. Check the manufacturers cooking instructions for your particular model.

Check out reviews on best barbecue grills for indoor and outdoor cooking and see what fits your taste and style.

Each type of barbecue lends itself to different kinds of cooking. In the different recipes to follow you will see the words Open grill, covered grill, spit-roasted, or skewer-cooked directly below the recommended method of cooking.

Some recipes, such as those for whole poultry and large roasts, may suggest covered grill or spit-roasted. This indicates that these recipes can be done either in a covered barbecue or on spit. You’ll also notice that some of the open grill recipes include a second cooking time for covered grill cooking.

Most open grill recipes easily convert to covered grill ones without any difference in cooking times; but for those that don’t additional information is provided. We hope this information will help you understand how to barbecue.

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