Pemberton tourism will keep you alive.

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.”

Helen Keller

Pemberton tourism is not only increasing but is doing so quickly and sensibly. A far cry from when it was named after Joseph Despard Pemberton, a land surveyor of the Hudson Bay Company back in the 1850s.

Back then the gold rush was just getting underway as news of discoveries reached San Francisco. Some of the miners followed the route from Vancouver up the Harrison river and lake and into Lillooet Lake. Seeing the beauty of Pemberton they settled in the area of Mount Currie.

With the coming of the railroad in 1914 more families arrived to settle the valley. As the gold rush faded into the history books the rich farmland was tapped and the main crop of world famous potatoes arrived on the scene. Free of blight and disease and far away from outside influences, the virus free crops were in great demand and are so to this day. Pemberton tourism brings the traveling public to the doorstep as the area is only 25 minutes from Whistler. Pemberton Museum

The Pemberton Museum on Prospect Street has a wide variety of exhibits and artifacts from the past making for a very interesting place to spend a few hours. Within the confines of the site are three historical buildings. The largest historical house is built of hand hewn timber. Each joint is held together with wooden pegs. Old antiques from the early 1900s furnish the house recreating the life style of that period.

Two more smaller buildings are of interest. One is setup as an old one room schoolhouse complete with desks. The second is used to display a variety of items such as native Indian hand woven baskets and early equipment used by dentists.

Salish Indians lived in this area for thousands of years. They too grew vegetables in the rich soils.

The museum is open from June to September and also houses a gift shop with souvenirs and books.

Pemberton Accommodationsare aimed at the vacationer looking for the quaint, homey, peaceful atmosphere so predominant in the valley.

Pemberton attractions

Pemberton tourism attracts those who are seeking the many guided adventures the valley offers such as trail rides, jetboat trip and rafting trips. Heli-skiing is available from the Pemberton airport. See the valley as the eagles do by taking a glider flight . Helicopter sightseeing flights are fantastic.

Snowmobile tours to all of the beautiful peaks and valleys will bring you to sights to remember for a lifetime.

In summer Pemberton tourism sees visitors renting bikes for touring the highways and byways of the valley. For the motorbike operators Enduro bikes are for rent to allow you access to the areas “away back there”.

Bring the whole family to a living and breathing farm for hay-rides and fresh baked apple pies. This is what makes Pemberton tourism so attractive.

The Pemberton Valley Golf & Country Club will challenge you to keep your focus on the game and not on the fabulous scenery surrounding each of the 18 holes.

No less than 9 dining establishments offer everything from a Big Mac to Haute Cuisine to tickle the pallet. The town may be small but the eating is delicious.

Pemberton tourism has spawned a vibrant Real Estate industry due to the popularity of Whistler. As the prices of homes and condos continue to climb in Whistler, the attractive Pemberton Valley with its reasonably priced homes make for a very attractive proposition.

Community Services.

The town has a population of just under 3,000 and services include;

New Elementary and Secondary Schools

Community Library

A brand new Community Centre

Licensed Daycare with a new daycare opening in 2007

Lions Seniors Villa

Pemberton Museum and Chamber Visitor Centre

The Village of Pemberton is serviced by the following:

Untreated, pure, deep well water and modern sewage treatment system.

A volunteer fire department, cable TV, high speed internet, AM and FM radio stations, BC phone service and Cellular service.

Pemberton tourism is served by a first class Health Centre and ambulance service. Doctors, Dentists, Massage therapists, Chiropractor, Home care service and Veterinary Clinic.


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Pemberton glider soaring. See the valley from an eagles view.

Pemberton trail rides. Enjoy a ride on a pleasant horse on a fabulous trail.

Jetboat trip. You really must try this.

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