Backpacking trail guide to Black Tusk and beyond.

This backpacking trail guide is a continuation of Garibaldi Lake. Wonderful hike to breathtaking beauty.

Garibaldi Lake is such a fascinating place to visit. The first part of the trail system from Rubble Creek is all through the deep forest. As you climb you will notice the heavy forest thins out, the trees grow smaller and by the time you reach the lake it really opens out.

Beautiful mountain vistas wash your brain with such beauty. Every turn of the head brings another flash of brilliance mother nature has provided us. The magnificent attractions are everywhere. Castle Towers, Panorama ridge, Helm glacier, the Barrier, Sentinel glacier, Sphinx Glacier. The beauty spots go on and on.

Backpacking. Hiking. What's the difference?

To add to these wonders, nature frames it all with every kind of wildflower one may imagine. Indian Paintbrush, Bull Thistle, Dwarf Dogwood, Fireweed, Lupine, Yarrow and many more. Toss in the mountain fresh air and summer climate and you are in heaven on earth.

Garibaldi is the first major trail into the park and is used as the launch pad to the other areas.

Taylor Meadows is the main campground. The backpacking trail follows Garibaldi Lake trail until the 6 km (3.5 mile) point where it goes up to the meadows. The elevation change from the parking lot to Taylor Meadows is 915 meters (2,800 feet). If you are on a day trip and full of energy it is possible to hike to Taylor and then to garibaldi Lake and back to the parking lot in a day. It’s 22 km (13.2 miles).

The campground at Taylor Meadows has good campsites and a pit toilet. Of course it is a requirement to take your garbage home with you as there are no services here. The Black Tusk is an ancient volcano plug put there a couple of ice ages ago when this whole area was heavily volcanic. The trail to it is 7 km (4.2 miles) and the elevation change is 850 meters (2,800 feet). It will take about 3 hours one way. The trail brings you to the foot of the Tusk. People who are not fully equipped and experienced rock climbers should forget trying to climb it. You must know what you are doing.

The climb to the top is 100 meters (350 feet) an almost straight up, rock chimney.

Taylor Meadows to Upper Lakes trail.

It takes a very special skill to not only see what might make a beautiful photo such as this one of Black Tusk.Thanks to the artistry of Ryan and Sabrina there are many more on their web page. Why not drop by and take a look..

This backpacking trail is only 4 km (2.5 miles ) long with a suggested time of 2 hours one way. This one is fairly easy with little elevation change but a lot of interesting sites to see. Three lakes, Mimulus, Black tusk and Helm Lake. Be sure to take the camera as the views here are spectacular. Helm glacier and the Cinder Cone with the strange looking topography of the cinder flats complete the picture.

Backpacking trail guides cannot properly describe the trail from either Garibaldi Lake or Taylor Meadows to Panorama ridge. The views from this trail will blow your mind. It will get your lungs working overtime as the elevation change of 630 meters (2,000 feet) is a workout. 5 km (3 miles) one way. Allow two hours each way as well. Garibaldi Lake, Sphinx and Sentinel Glaciers set the background with Table Mountain completing the landscape.

The views offered by the amazing landscape will have you forget the exertion of the long backpacking trail that got you here.

Irma and I have enjoyed thousands of hours in our Sea Eagle Kayak while cruising the amazing lakes and rivers of BC. This is one fantastic product line you can really count on to stand up to the rocks and log snags you may run into. Glide into the quiet glades to see the many birds in their natural habitat or cruise the beautiful Seton, Lillooet, or any one of the many lakes BC has to offer. Deer and Black Bears will stand in awe, and so will you as you meet these wonderful creatures eyeball to eyeball. Check here to view more wonderful Whistler Day Trips

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