Aerobic Exercise. This Trail is a Great Workout

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Wow. Aerobic exercise is what you will achieve should you decide to tackle this great trail.

Looking at trail maps, it is sometimes difficult to determine just how long it will take to do the return trip. Sometimes a 5 km (3 Mile) walk can take an hour and another time it may take 2-3.

Waterproof & Breathable

Brohm Lake fits more into the latter category. It’s not flat, nor is it an uphill battle. But the trail has it’s ups and downs for an amazing aerobic exercise.

This is a fairly small lake of 13 hectares (30 acres). The trail follows the shoreline through dense forest. The trail is well maintained but in some areas you will need to watch for tree roots and rocky bluffs.

The lake is a great family attraction for families as well. They come for the fishing (rainbows up to ¾ pound) swimming, kayaking and picnicking at the sites around the lake.

This is a great walk for those who wish to take along the backpacker stove and a lunch for tea breaks.

Other trails lead off in many directions from Brohm Lake. 11 km (6.7 miles) of trails for hiking and mountain biking wind their way through the 400 hectare (880 acres) forest. Some of the trails go through Lodgepole pine and Douglas fir and offer amazing views of the Tantalus Mountain Range.

If you travel deeper into the forest you will eventually find your way to Cat Lake, Alice Lake and Garibaldi Lake. another wonderful hike up to breathtaking beauty. If you don’t get enough aerobic exercise on Brohm Lake trail, you will on Garibaldi Lake trail.

There is no overnight parking or camping at Brohm Lake.

Brohm Lake is accessible by driving south from Whistler approximately 32 km (19 miles) and when you see a nice sized lake on your right side named Brohm Lake. Park in the parking lot.

To get your blood flowing gently, walk south along the lake which parallels the highway and you will come to a bridge crossing over a reedy narrows. The Bridge trail goes left but you want to turn north to the right. Now the trail begins it’s ups and downs to get your heart pumping. A trail goes off to the left into the interpretive forest and after passing the end of the lake a junction with the Thompson Trail on the left leads down to the Tenderfoot Fish Hatchery.

Another 100 meters or so and you will meet up with another fork. From here you have two options. Go right and you take the short way back. Sounds easy but perhaps not. You will need to ascend a steep flight of stairs to an amazing height over the lake. Even more aerobic exercise.

Going left the trail follows an old mossy logging road, following the Brohm Creek for about a kilometer. Another crossing of the creek and you will be turning south on the Powerline Trail. Here you will have some great views of the Tantalus Range lying ahead and the Sky Pilot Group further down the valley to your left.

Finally, after more ups and downs on the rollercoaster trail you will come to the Lake trail stairway. Further ahead you will come to the rock Bluff Loop where you may elect to go either way back to the parking lot.

For a real workout, you could elect to take the Thompson Trail we saw a little way back. There are two ways to get to it. You could turn left at the junction while you were walking south along the lake and follow that to the hatchery, or you can go to the trail-head and walk to Brohm Lake from there.

To get to the trail-head, you leave highway 99 at the Alice Lake crossroads and travel left to Cheekye. Cross the river and turn right on Paradise valley road. Keep along this road for just over 4 km (2.5 miles). You will cross the river again and then the railroad where you will come to a junction. Turn right at Midnight Way and just ahead is the fish Hatchery.

Walking along the railroad for about 350 meters swing left towards the creek and right to the bridge. This trail is fairly short at 1.8 km (1 mile) but it goes up and over a ridge of 230 meters (750 feet) that will leave you feeling you have just spent a couple of hours of aerobic exercise working out in the gym. This will bring you out to Brohm Lake.

Kayak while cruising the amazing lakes and rivers of BC. This is one fantastic product line you can really count on to stand up to the rocks and log snags you may run into. Glide into the quiet glades to see the many birds in their natural habitat or cruise the beautiful Seton, Lillooet, or any one of the many lakes BC has to offer. Deer and Black Bears will stand in awe, and so will you as you meet these wonderful creatures eyeball to eyeball.

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