Brohm Lake Forest. It’s Enchanting

"Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life."

Lord Byron

Brohm Lake Forest is a fascinating trail system. Trails lead off to lakes, ponds, bridges, Forestry lookout towers, and amazing views of the Tantalus Range.

To get to this trailhead from Whistler you turn left (south) onto highway 99 and travel 34 km (20 Miles). As you pass the lake on your right you watch for the trail entrance to the parking lot which will be indicated by the sign Brohm Lake Forest Interpretive area next to a yellow gate. Park in the lot.

There is a map at the kiosk at the trail head.

A few minutes along this old road (the original highway 99) you come to a trail forking off to the right called Alder Trail. That trail will join up with the Bridge Trail and take you down to Brohm Lake Trail. and the bridge to take you across the narrows at the end of the lake.

If you take the Alder trail, it’s an undulating trail that will get your heart really pumping, you will want to turn left onto the Bridge Trail for a short distance and then right on High Trail. It will continue past a small pond. A boardwalk will take you over a we area. A rocky are just ahead and then you will descend to the fork.

The Mother of all Slugs

The route now swings sharply to the left and crosses more bridging before you are presented with more options. On your right there is a nice, steep trail, so much so that steps were installed some time ago to assist your climb. Up top you will come to a fire lookout with a shelter for the attendant. If you appreciate fantastic views, make the effort and go up for a view of the Tantalus Range. It is spectacular. You’ll be happy you choose the Brohm Lake Forest system of trails.

Back to the trail now. Work your way around the knoll and soon another great view comes into your sights. Now the trail begins a descent, zig zagging into the valley. The trail will merge with an old road in this area.

From here you may choose the direct route back to the parking lot or, take the route to your right called the Cheakamus Loop Trail. This is a very nice trail which climbs to some great viewpoints looking northwest towards the Cloudburst Mountains and to the south, the Tantalus Range. The trail eventually levels off and merges into an old logging road.

This old road snakes it’s way through the gap between the two hills ahead of you and joins the main forest road. Following to the right through the forest roadway and you will arrive back at the parking lot entirely exhilarated from a wonderful walk.

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