BC hiking trail to the scenic beauty of Cheakamus Lake.

Place yourself in this BC Hiking photograph. It’s beautiful isn’t it. Visitors to Whistler may enjoy hiking to here and be home in your comfortable whistler mountain accommodation in only three hours.

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Only 3 km (1.8 miles) south of Whistler and 48 km (30 miles) north of Squamish on the sea to sky highway 99. From whistler watch for the approach road sign for Cheakamus Lake on your left. This is the same entrance road as described for the Crater Rim Loop trail.

This time instead of stopping at the first parking lot for bc-hiking begins at the lot and you will drive ahead to the fork at the road called East Main of Cheakamus Lake road. Turn left onto this road and drive on this road to the parking lot located just over 5 km (3 miles) ahead. A few bc hiking trails converge here.

From the lot the trail heads east crossing two small creeks before you arrive at the park boundary. From here you will continue on a fairly level trail with some nice big trees. Once, before the area was logged out it was all like this.

After about half an hour you will come to a sign for the Helm Lake Trail, one of the bc hiking trails to the higher country such as Garibaldi Lake. From here the trail continues along the Cheakamus River where you will see plenty of Devils Club growing along the river banks. Finally the grade of the trail lessens and the river becomes quieter as you near the end of the lake with the beautiful scenery just asking for someone to take it all in.

The trail meanders along the lakeside. Patches of grass and wild flowers are for you to enjoy as nature painted it. A little over halfway along the side you will come to a nice area to picnic at Singing creek. This is a bc hiking wilderness campsite.

We always carry our little camp stove and tea pot in a day pack. Find a flat rock, boil the water for tea, break out the goodie can Irma always takes along and “it’s treat time”. What is it about lunch on the trail that makes the food taste so good? Even tuna fish tastes like the very best pacific salmon.

As you look about you and take in the great views with the Cheakamus glacier in the distance, try to imagine what it must have been like thousands of years ago when this area was shaped by the last ice age. The ice cap was over a mile deep and scraped and crushed the land into what you see before you.

On the trail back to the parking lot watch for the ancient lava flow just across the river. A long time ago this area experienced an eruption of huge proportions that left this scene. This is a good area to wander as other shorter trails lead off. Take a hike up the Plantation and Crater View Loops as well as Valley View and Crater viewpoints. These can be reached by car if you are too tired from you hike.

The nice thing about this whole area is the proliferation of bc hiking trails. A person may elect to do a few short walks or a major hike to the high country, all from the main area.

Irma and I have enjoyed thousands of hours in our Kayak while cruising the amazing lakes and rivers of BC. This is one fantastic product line you can really count on to stand up to the rocks and log snags you may run into. Glide into the quiet glades to see the many birds in their natural habitat or cruise the beautiful Seton, Lillooet, or any one of the many lakes BC has to offer. Deer and Black Bears will stand in awe, and so will you as you meet these wonderful creatures eyeball to eyeball while on a bc hiking trek.

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First aid kit. Play safe. Be sure you pack this very important item.

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