Hiking in BC. The Crater Rim Loop

Hiking in BC is terrific because there is such a diverse collection of great trails from which to choose. The Crater Rim Loop certainly fit’s the bill.

This area north of Squamish is a fascinating one. It is part of the ,B.Whistler Interpretive Forest,. of which there are three in the squeamish area. These areas have been cut over a few years ago. A cut over is an area that has had its trees cut down and the logs removed.

In reality, there isn’t really any area of old growth forest remaining anywhere in the lower mainland. All the forests have been logged at least once and more often than not, twice. Trees grow fast in British Columbia.

This hike covers a multitude of trails. You may hike for as little as an hour or two, to long, multi day, backpacking hikes.

To get to the start of this hike you need to travel 2 ½ km south of Whistler to the signposted entrance on the left of highway 99. From Squamish you must travel 48 km north and turn right just past the railway crossing. At the east end of the parking lot is the Riverside Trail.

You have two choices. You can park here and walk the Riverside trail up to the Loggers Lake trailhead, or you may drive to the Loggers Lake Parking lot and hike the Crater Rim Loop trail from there. Hiking in BC you will have a variety of options.

Let’s start by doing the Riverside trail. The trail begins with a rise over a ridge and descends to cross Cheakamus Lake Road, continues through a nice forested area before you hit the Westside road . You cross the Cheakamus river just ahead. Hiking in BC is always a pleasure and full of rich scenery.

You will hike along the river. Various interpretive boards have been installed along the way. As you continue the trail nears the road where kayakers may put in for a swift journey.

At about 2km along this trail you come to a fork. The left will take you up and over a suspension bridge where you continue to join up with the east side trails.

If you continue along the Riverside trail you will come to the Loggers Lake parking lot.

At the parking lot you have two choices. You may continue on Riverside trail which will join up with the Basalt Valley trail and the Riparian

From the parking lot you walk up a road for a few minutes and come to the beginning of the Crater Rim Loop. The sign post will tell you that over the next 3.2 km the trail will rise 100 meters. Much of the altitude is gained in the first part of the hike leading to the rim.

The trail now meanders along through a fairly sparse forest. Here and there you get glimpses of the lake and the valley on the left. You walk along and then come to another junction where the Ridge Trail leads off to the left to join up with the Basalt trail.

You go right and travel along the rim. Notice the views of the Black Tusk. There is a nice resting place here. Great place for a lunch. Hiking in BC you meet the nicest people. The trail continued along the rim. Soon you will enjoy views of Mount Fee and another one called Mount Caley.

Now you will go down an incline and across a rock slide. After you pass some scrub bush you pass over two old roads and come to where the Ridge trail heads off north into the forest. The right trail leads to Loggers Lake. Keep on the trail to another junction.

Keeping left you will be on the short route back to the parking lot.

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