Cooking Roast Beef. An Art in Itself

Cooking roast beef can be a challenge, but do it right and you will have a winner.

There’s something about a good home-cooked meal, served with love, that seems to bring out the best in all of us. Good conversation. Joy and laughter. And a feeling that all is well in the world.

The setting you create is simply the stage for your warmth and hospitality. But don’t be surprised if your friendly kitchen is the place to congregate before mealtime.

One of your dear friends may be tempted to take a peek into the oven to how that delicious ham is coming along. Or sneak a taste of your beef stroganoff bubbling on the stove. And chances are, you’ll get lots of offers to help with last-minute preparation, such as stirring the barbecued pork or checking the roast in the oven.

Beef and pork are the mainstays of the kitchen menu. From this page you will link to our many pages containing tasteful and delicious beef and pork recipes.