Site Build It Review. Ken Evoy's Websites Builder. Here is Our Review

This Solo Build It review is a serious look at Ken Evoy's website development program that is really an entire online business education and websites builder blueprint rolled into one.

When I first saw the promo for this product I believed it was simply another content management system. (Content management system describing a simple website development system. The type where a user can design and build your own website online incorporating the use of dialog boxes rather than the need to write HTML code). Really, I did not expect much for the price of about $300.

Well, I certainly had my eyes opened when I got into the details. In fact, the system is broken up into 10 days, and for the first 5 days they do not even give you a website, so at first I couldn't believe it. This was going to be a software review like no other.

WHY? Ken Evoy says NO. His system is not about building a website, it's all about building a successful, THRIVING online business.

When you build your own website you have a decision to make. Making your own website is simple, but hosting a website, and designing a website as well as building a profitable website are tasks that require plenty of talent.

Here is what Audrey from has to say about Solo Build It.

I really must tip my hat to Ken Evoy and his team because they place the emphasis on planning, preparation and doing the research before starting a webpage. It is very surprising as to the amount of reading and studying you must do BEFORE you get to registering a domain name for your site concept. Consumer reviews are important to every purchase we make.

Now imagine this. Most of this training is available FREE to everyone. If you want to see the FREE 10 day video Guide to Online Marketing Success you can do so the Video Action Guide. web page.

The SBI Video Action Guide focuses on the four step process that is:

Content=Traffic=Presell=Monetize (C-T-P-M)

During your first 5 days you do your homework. You Brainstorm, Research and Plan your Site Concept. You take time to figure out what you WANT TO SELL, HOW TO SELL IT and WHO TO SELL IT TO. All of this is really important in achieving success. If you don't know these things you will be off on the wrong foot because they will get your website going in the right direction. That is what this Solo Build It review underlines. SBI stresses you make sure you lay a solid foundation in a market site that will have a high potential for profiting BEFORE you lay out your website. Included in the price is your DOMAIN NAME as well as the HOSTING. Nothing else to buy.

The best tool in the package, in my opinion, is the Brainstorm It! Tool.

If you were to buy the similar tool at Wordtracker you would pay at least $60. per month but SBI includes it FREE.

What can you do with it?

You type in a keyword you want to research. In a few minutes SBI Brainstorm It! Searches millions of sites and brings up hundreds of similar keywords, their popularity, and shows you the demand (number of competitor sites using the words) and the profitability of each one.

You will use this tool for every webpage you build. You can weed out the words you don't want and search for more. When the stack of keywords is filled you can export the list to a spreadsheet and search for more. That is the simplicity of Solo Build It review.

View this "I Love SBI!" video. It has nothing to do with keywords but you will simply LOVE this young lady as she talks about her mom.

Many people have different reasons for building a website but this young lady brings it into reality does she not!

If I had to choose the number one Solo Build It! Tool, the one that tops the list would be Solo Build It! FORUMS.

Now get this. You would not believe this if I didn't tell you. The SBI members not only tell their success secrets, but they help each other to succeed as well.

Most often, if a business owner finds a way to make more profit they will keep it a secret and not tell a soul. It is just the opposite with the folks at Solo Build It! They almost beg others to review their software system.

One detail that stands out to me, who is doing this Solo Build It! Review, is that once a person has created some pages, they are invited to submit their site for a review in the forums. Other website owners will take a look at it and give their comments and suggestions to help the new owner achieve success. I have read some reviews that must have taken a long time to write, and that is from a total stranger.

Now Let's Take a Look at The Content Management System

After you have carried out your research using the Brainstorm It! Tool, and you have registered your Domain Name, you are able to access SBI Site Central right off the bat. This is where everything happens. Everything takes place at Site Central.

Here you will choose from two options:

  • For people like me who have no technical knowledge such as HTML and FTP you are able to build your webpages using Blockbuilder.

  • For those who may have some technical training, they are given the option of creating their own webpages using HTML and uploading onto their server.

    The majority of people will elect to use the Content Management System called Blockbuilder. First thing you do is choose your theme for your website. Then you customize the theme in the Look and Feel Selector where you get to choose your template from the many beautiful designs you will find there. You then decide how many columns you want to use as well as the backgrounds and navigation bars. You can change all sorts of things such as the fonts, sizes and how you want your page to look.

    When you get some pages completed and you decide you don't care for the look of it you can simply change things to your liking and within a few minutes all of your pages are rebuilt with the new theme layout.

    Now Please take a look at this photo of a block from my page on the Black Bear.

    You can view the actual page and see for yourself how simple it is to build a page using the Blockbuilder feature. Type it. Hit Build it and it is done.

    The dialogue boxes are used to place photographs, videos, links to other pages and websites, change your navigation bars, add more pages, place money making advertisements and Google Adsense ads. Using these simple menus you will be able to create a website you will be proud of.

    Here is a short video from Jaime, owner of

    Once you have created a few pages it is the time for a trip to the SBI Business Center.

    In this Solo Build It! Review you have learned how Ken Evoy's website building software enables you to build a very nice website, but if you want to make money or to have a lot of visitors come to find you need TRAFFIC. Traffic is the key to your success.

    If you have a business you must rely upon traffic to find you. You may be open for business 8 hours per day. You advertise to attract visitors. You pay rent to your landlord. Generally the higher the traffic area, the higher the rent.

    A website operates live, 24/7 every day of the year and every minute of the day.

    Below is a chart from my website showing some of the countries whose residents have visited my site last month.

    Take note. My website now has outlets in 93 countries.

    This is proof that the internet is world wide. I did not need to open an outlet store in those countries. I simply add good content to my site and people from all over the world will find me.

    The business center teaches you how to how to BUILD TRAFFIC as well as PRE SELL and MONETIZING.

    In other words, how to MAKE MONEY with your website.

    Finally, by way of this Solo Build It! Review, your website also creates a BLOG for you automatically while you build each page and sends it our to RSS feeds for you. This is an amazing feature. Your blog keeps you in touch with your followers.

    The traffic center provides you with your:

  • visitor counts on a daily basis
  • shows you how many visitors looked at each page
  • how they found you
  • the page they were on when they exited
  • the keywords they used to find you
  • the country they came from

    My Conclusions

    I am certain that by now you may have the idea that I am very excited by what Solo Build It! Has to offer. After reading a similar page as this some 3 years ago I just had to try it. After all, I could get my money back, in FULL if I wanted to try it for 90 days. My scotch blood loved that idea. Even if I did not decide to return it for 6 or 9 months the company would pro rate the refund. What could I lose?

    Realize the fact that it takes work on your website to make it work. You need traffic and that will bring customers and you must change them into buyers. Solo Build It! Will provide you with the tools to do the job. You are able to use your browser and I hope that with this Solo Build It review it will help you to build your own website and enjoy doing so as I have done.

    The current price is $299 per year. Here is a breakdown of the cost:

    • The hosting alone would cost you about $25. Per month
    • This includes the annual charge for the domain registration (about $10-$20. Per year)
    • The price of the Brainstorm It would cost you $329 per year from Wordtracker at their discount rate.
    • The information and library, some of which is free to anyone now would cost you anywhere from $300 to well over $1,000 from most companies.
    • The Content Management System. Some companies sell this type of system for $300 without the hosting, domain names, resources, tools, forum or training. When you see what the freelance webmasters charge for all of this it will be in the many thousands of dollars.
    • If you would like to see a detailed overview of all that is included in SBI! 2.0 visit what you get for your money.

    Make sure you do research of your own with SBI!. If you come across any Solo Build It scam reviews, you can ignore those as those are from people awhile back that tried to harm SBI! in order to promote their own products.

    Here is Elad from the

    The point of this review is to show you what a great value Solo Build It! really is. For the newcomer, it is the perfect choice because everything you need to build your own website is right there at your fingertips.

    Is it for everyone. Possibly not. For those who require a very sophisticated website with a huge shopping cart, integrated gateways and in house affiliate programs, it may not be exactly what you need. This product review is aimed at the regular website builder.

    Solo Build It is exactly what the online beginner needs. This includes:

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • eStores with a low number of products, drop shipping, home sales etc.
    • Landing pages
    • Personal and family websites, genealogy
    • Simple Business websites such as stores, service, artist and crafts
    • Professional Websites such as dentists, lawyers, realtors, accountants

    Certainly: SBI! Is the perfect tool for everyone who wants to build a website and earn a decent income online. You will learn to do so step by step.

    Now you can have Solo Build It! For a monthly $29.99 payment plan! View the offer SiteSell Right Now for more details.

    Here you will find SBI users who tell how they started successful online business using Solo Build It! in their own words.

    I hope you are now IN THE KNOW about Solo Build It! This Solo Build It review has been written with you in mind.

    Do you have a question? I know I had plenty of questions when I first saw Solo Build It! If you have a question you would like to ask check here for a one on one answer

    Solo Build It! Summary


    Pricing & Offers

    Retail Price: $299.

    Hit the to view the sum up and order page.

    We want to thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will consider building a website using Solo Build It! As we have done.

    Up until 3 years ago we would never have imagined that we would have a website where more than 12,000 people every month drop by to take a look.

    Whistler- Outdoors and Solo Build It! Have given us hours of pleasure and a wonderful second income to allow a couple of retirees to be able to have more fun out of life.

    We both wish you well with your new website.

    Joe and Irma MacMillan

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