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“It's not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it's what you put into the practice.”

Eric Lindros
BC Skiing might just be the best in the world. Certainly Whistler has been voted the number one North American Ski destination many times. And deservedly so. Just ask anyone who has spent a few days skiing the slopes and trails of the more than 200 fantastic trails.

Can you believe that there are a great many more ski mountain resorts here in Beautiful British Columbia awaiting you. In fact, if you were to ski a different ski resort every day for a whole month, there would be still a few more to do.

Due to our diverse weather and the spectacular coast Mountain Range, we are blessed with the best of two worlds. You may play golf all year round on the great golf courses of the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Oh, there will be a few days when you will need to have the comfort of a jacket. There may even be a frost delay a few mornings.

The beauty of it is that you may play golf in the day in January and within a short 30 minute drive, step into your bindings and go for it. Of course the amazing Whistler/Blackcomb mountain is only two hours away, but sorry to say, the golf courses are closed for the winter.

This BC Skiing guide will examine each of the other ski resorts in our province. Irma and I will try to give you an understanding of what each course has to offer, how to get there, and a few tips on how to get there safely.

If you will look at a topographical map of BC, you will notice that the area called the Lower Mainland is really a valley. It is fairly flat, with the mountains surrounding it on all sides. It’s where about 3 million people live. The valley was created by erosion and by silt carried from thousands of square miles of drainage area, carried down by the Thompson and Fraser rivers and settled into the delta of the Lower Mainland. Other smaller rivers contributed to this build up as well.

The valley is only a few meters above sea level. The climate in the valley is very moderate with humidity levels higher than other parts of the province.

As soon as the humid, ocean fed air hit’s the mountains it rises and begins to cool, eventually the humidity turns to snow and covers the mountains. But lower down, it may rain.

The beauty of this topography is that the ski hills are so close. A few minutes and you’re up there having fun.

Once you leave the Lower Mainland skiing begins a whole new chapter. It’s like being halfway up the mountainside. There are valleys, but the elevation generally is about 2,000 feet or so. In the winter the snows come. The ski resorts do not need to be a mile in elevation above you, perhaps 1,000 or 2,000 feet will do.

Irma and I have enjoyed thousands of hours in ourKayak while cruising the amazing lakes and rivers of BC. This is one fantastic product line you can really count on to stand up to the rocks and log snags you may run into. Glide into the quiet glades to see the many birds in their natural habitat or cruise the beautiful Seton, Lillooet, or any one of the many lakes BC has to offer. Deer and Black Bears will stand in awe, and so will you as you meet these wonderful creatures eyeball to eyeball.

Another thing you will notice is that the snow is dry and powdery. Away from the coast the air has lost it’s moisture and it remains fluffy for a long time. BC Skiing is challenging for those reasons.

I remember my first experience skiing on the Blackcomb Glacier. The snow was not groomed and I had a terrible time trying to keep from falling forward as my skies would hit heavy pockets and I wasn’t sitting back enough. Next time I skied at Big White in Kelowna and it was light powder and I had a much easier time of it.

If you want to trim down for that next hike to the mountains or ski outing visit this may be perfect for you.

So this is what BC skiing is all about.

If you are contemplating a ski trip be sure to check these ski resorts to see what awaits you in other parts of British Columbia.

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Cypress Ski Resort, Vancouver North Shore Mountain is an exciting facility.

Grouse Ski Resort, Vancouver, perfect for the whole family. Night Skiing.

Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. Second only to Whistler for visitors.

Big White Ski Resort Kelowna, ski the Champagne Powder bowls.

Sun Peaks Resort Kamloops. You will be amazed what is waiting for you here.

Silver Star Resort. the Village. Mountains. Sunshine. Snow. Perfect.

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