Hiking BC. An informative, interesting hike to Shadow Lake.

No Hiking BC coverage would be complete without a descriptive hike to a little strip of beauty called Shadow Lake.

Shadow Lake is the sort of trail you may hike in about 2 to 3 hours of leisurely walking. Perhaps you have a need for a nice little walk from your Whistler accommodation and you don’t want to go too far. This walk may be just the one to fit the bill.

It’s a nice walk through what is called in British Columbia, an Interpretive Forest. It gets its name from the fact that most people who visit the area may not realize the type of flora and fauna prevalent here. Hiking bc trails is informative.

Most people may not realize it but the trees you see as you drive through our great province are all second and third growth. Over the past 150 years or so almost every tree in the province has been cut down and the logs were cut up and the boards make up the frames of a great many houses all over the world. Left alone the forest will grow again, but many years ago reforestation began to help mother nature and billions have been planted over that time.

The Department of Lands and Forests have designated strategic areas of the province as Interpretation forests. Hiking bc trails with interpretation panels located where the hikers will view and read how the forest works and points out the different species of trees and flora they will see.

The hike to Cheakamus Lake is also through an Interpretive forest.

Occasionally the foresters leave the odd big tree to protect an area and to act as a seed tree. The tree here is such a tree and is probably 600 years old.

To get to Shadow Lake you leave Whistler and head north (right) on highway 99. Note the odometer as you pass the end of Green Lake. If you miss it don’t worry. You want to travel 16 km (10 miles) from Whistler and you will cross the railroad track on the highway. A short distance ahead you will see the sign for the parking lot for shadow Lake on your right. Here there is an information kiosk outlining the hiking bc trails of the area.

From the lot you may go south for a short stroll of about 400 meters. This is not the trail to the lake. It’s a “stretch your legs” trail with a good place to take photos at the top.

If you want to go to the shadow Lake walk you must cross the highway where the trailhead begins. There are several options of trails here. The High forestry trail leads north from here. You will travel through a forest that was logged over in 1970. Trees grow quickly along the hiking BC trails. The interpretation panels will explain the various management practices as you walk along.

Soon you will pass a short trail back to the highway, but you continue along and gradually descend. Now you will loop around to the left and come to a fork. You may elect to go either straight or left. It doesn’t matter as they will join up fairly soon. The left trail is a little shorter and passes through a part of the forest that was not planted but regenerated on its own.

If you chose to follow the straight ahead trail you will soon be traveling along the Soo River. The trail is along the river is called the Low forestry hiking bc trail and it is an old logging road.

Continue along the trail and ignore the trail that comes in from the highway on the left. Soon you will come to a fork. There is another trail to the left called the Green river crossing that takes you along the lake, across the railroad track and up a hill to a nice viewpoint. It’s not too long, 1.6 km return. This area along the lake was left to regenerate naturally after a forest fire back in the 1920s.

Meanwhile back at the fork you will walk along between the lake on your left and the river on the right. Soon another fork comes into view. The trail swings right up to an old trappers cabin, loops around it and continues along the east side of the lake. You will walk through a stand of old growth Western red cedar. Hiking BC trails will help you to gain an understanding of the forest and logging practices of this beautiful province.

Now you will walk along the Shadow Lake trail until it rounds the north end of the lake and joins up with the green river crossing trail. So now it’s back to your vehicle by following south along the lake on your left.

Hiking BC trails such as this one is educational and pleasant.

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