A Jetboat trip in Pemberton. Pure excitement!!!!!

“To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.”

Elbert Hubbard

Really now, a jetboat trip in Pemberton. How can that be? Isn’t Pemberton in a valley 25 minutes past Whistler?

Yes it is and it’s true. Within the confines of the Pemberton area lie three fantastic jet boating adventures. Once again we are out to show you the fantastic vacation adventures available while vacationing in Pemberton and Whistler.

In fact, if you are vacationing in Whistler a simple phone call to Adventure Ranch will be all you need to join the excitement because the Ranch has a shuttle service to take you to Pemberton and back. This goes for groups, families and individuals. The specially designed jetboats are incredibly stable craft. They are able to carry their passengers safely over the roughest of white water. No propellers to foul, the propulsion system is simply a very high capacity pump which creates a jet of water to push the boat through the water. Excellent for river cruising.

Variety is the keyword with Pemberton Adventure Ranch river tours. From the fairly quite Green and Lillooet rivers to the Gold Rusher action of the lower Lillooet rapids there is excitement for every taste.

The Green and Lillooet rivers are “natural rivers“. there are no artificial or man made obstructions or dams to allow the flow of the river to change swiftly. The guides are able to rely on what nature has given them. No surprises from artificial spillways.

Below Nairn Falls

The tours are scheduled to coincide with the seasonal fluctuations. For instance the Lillooet is best early and late in the season when the levels are either low to medium. The Green river is at it’s best in mid-summer when the snows are melting fast on the mountains surrounding Whistler.

Irma and I love the Green River. It’s the wild and exciting body of water cascading along the highway as you leave Whistler for Pemberton. You are apt to see rafting parties having a ball as they ride the white water rapids. All of that water suddenly drops 180 feet over the Nairn Falls. If you are one who enjoys getting up close and personal with waterfalls be sure to stop at Nairn Falls. It’s a short 20 minute walk from the parking lot through a forest of huge trees.

Of course the walk along the river cannot compare to making the jetboat trip up the river from Pemberton. The first part of the trip is serene as the river ambles along quietly, but you will soon thrill to the rougher waster as it rushes along. She top photo shows the jetboats at the turn-around. With the speed of the water and that of the boat you will have the sensation of flying as you race to valley once again and return to the wheelchair accessible dock.

The Gold Rusher

The three hour jetboat trip down the Lillooet River to the lake of the same name is more serene. The majestic mountains and the quiet and serene meadows stretching out to the west will have you feeling as if you are boating within a beautiful oil painting by one of the old masters. Cruising the lake your guide will point out fishing camps and the wildlife you may see along the way.

The Gold Rush Tour is so named because back in the 1860s when gold was discovered in Cayoosh Creek near Lillooet, miners from the west coast of Canada and the USA made their way to New Westminster on the Fraser River. The route they took to get to Lillooet was up the Fraser, turning into Harrison Mills and coming up the Harrison River to Harrison Lake. They then had to portage around the rapids of the Lower Lillooet river. Once past that they would paddle across the Lillooet Lake, up the canyons of the Birkenhead river and Lake, Anderson Lake and finally Seton Lake.

You can imagine the disappointment when after all of that traveling they arrived to find the entire creek was staked out in mining claims by the Chinese who were here first. You can learn about it all here. Coyoosh Creek

Don’t let the calm waters of Lillooet Lake fool you. The excitement will soon cause you to catch your breath as the heart pounding rapids of the Lower Lillooet river will have you screaming. If the “Green Monster” rapid doesn’t do it for you then nothing will.

When you return from this jetboat trip you will be dreaming of these tours for many years to come.

Jetboat trips are safe for the whole family. Call the folks at Adventure Ranch at 604-932-5078

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