Roast Turkey. Always The Crowd Favorite

Roast turkey. So simple a recipe, so perfect the result.

We were so lucky to have been brought up on a small farm where we raised chicken and turkey for the market. Of course, our family were able to enjoy a turkey meal whenever we wanted.

This is the recipe our mom used to produce her roasted turkey dinner.


Thaw the turkey in the original plastic bag it came in according to the chart below.

Once thawed, remove the turkey from the plastic bag. Remove the neck and giblets from the body cavity.

Rinse the turkey thoroughly in cold water and drain it well.

Stuff neck and body cavity lightly (about ¾ cup of stuffing per pound of turkey).

Fold the neck skin to the back of the bird and secure it there. Fold the wing tips under the back or secure to the body. Tuck the tail into the body cavity. Tie the legs together.

Using a standard meat thermometer, insert into the thigh muscle next to the body, avoid the bone. Turkey will be done when the temperature reaches 180 F to 185 F.


Place turkey, breast up, in a shallow pan and brush with melted butter.

Roast turkey in a 325 F oven according to the chart below. If roasting un-stuffed, subtract 3 minutes per pound.

Approximate Thawing Times

Weight---------In Cold Water*------In Refrigerator

10- 14 pounds --------5-6 hours--------2-3 days

14-18 pounds--------- 6-7 hours--------2-3 days

18-22 pounds----------7-8 hours--------3-4 days

*If in water change frequently to keep the water cold

Keep thawed turkey refrigerated. Do not stuff until ready to roast. Roast within 24 hours after thawing. Refreezing is not recommended.

--------------------------------------------------Approximate Turkey Roasting Times

Weight------325 F Shallow Open Pan-------------In Loose Foil Tent

10 - 14 pounds-------3-4 ½ hours--------------------3 ½ - 5 hours

14-18 pounds--------4-5 hours-----------------------4 ½ - 5 ½ hours

18-22 pounds--------4 ½ - 6 hours-------------------5 - 6 ½ hours

Roasting times will be shorter or longer depending upon if the turkey is warmer or colder than refrigerator temperature.

It doesn’t matter if it’s chicken and pasta recipes, a chicken salad sandwich recipe, easy chicken dumpling recipes or how long to cook steak, you can’t go wrong with mothers recipes. She really knows how to roast a turkey.

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