Whistler trails to Singing Pass. Awe Inspiring!

Visitors to Whistler trails enjoy a wide array of awesome trails at their pleasure. Walking trails leading from you whistler mountain accommodation of an hour or so, right up to the Singing Pass trail that will tax your ambitions for 21 kilometers (12.5 miles). A long, tiring, 7 hours of awe inspiring travel. It may be even longer, up to 28 km (17 miles) if you veer off to side trails for more views.

Yes, you may take the gondola up. Taking the Peak chair to the top will give you ample opportunity to cheat some more. The lifts eliminate a long, tough, climb.

This is not the trail you want to take on a day when the sun is baking the valley. Most of the trails are well above the treeline and therefore are wide open without any shelter from shade. We suggest choosing one of the other Whistler trails, keeping this one in reserve for a cloudy day.

Of course not everyone is fit enough to do such a long hike in a day. If you are able to carry a backpack then that is the way to go. Why get away from the helter skelter of the city to try to do the same thing on a beautiful mountain? Better to slow down and enjoy nature at it’s finest.

Carry water with you as there re few opportunities to refill. Be sure to carry a water filter. Why? Some folks believe that it is only humans that pollute the water. Not so. Animals live and travel all over the mountains. Deer, bears, coyotes, mice, marmots, and a fantastic variety of birds. They do what we must do as well. They go to the bathroom. Their's is wherever they happen to be at the time. Sooner or later the rains wash down the leftovers and this gets into the water you see in the creeks and lakes. Whistler trails.

The short of the long is, FILTER YOUR WATER.


You have two choices to get to the trailhead. The Whistler gondola will take you well up into the mountain, thus knocking 6 km (3.6 moles) off of your trip. Once there you will follow to Piccolo, flute and Obo trails and then curve around and descend along Melody creek and Fitzsimmons to the end.

The second choice is to start near the Whistler village Bus Loop and follow the signs. Park in the day parking lot if that is what you are doing. Parking lot number 4 is for parking overnight. Our experience has been to strictly obey the parking signs as, like in any city, the tow truck operators are trigger happy.

Whistler Village to Singing Pass Trail

The Whistler trail up to Singing Pass will take approximately 7 hours to go up and 3 to 4 hours to return. The elevation gain is 1,000 meters (3,200 feet).

Follow the Whistler Mountain access road for 500 meters and make a left turn on the Singing Pass road. The trail is well marked. The easy trail follows along Fitzsimmons Cree to Garibaldi Park boundary 6 km from the start. The trail then branches off to Melody creek and then the Singing Pass comes into view.

The Aroma will tease your senses.

This trail is a nice easy climb, mostly along an old gravel road. Where it is in the forest is not too steep and the trail through the beautiful cedars is devoid of roots. The whistler trails through the deep forest soon gives way to shrub and alpine meadows covered with beautiful wild flowers and heather.

For most of the year this whole area is blanketed with more than 30 feet of snow. By July the summer sun has removed most of it and now it’s time for the bugs. Be certain to take both bug repellent and sun screen.

At Singing Pass other whistler trails become obvious. Russet Lake area is a few kilometers away up and over hills and dales. You can get there by taking Cowboy Ridge. The chilly waters will cool down a daring swimmer quickly. You will see beautiful views from the high points and look down at Cheakamus Lake as you get past Flute and Piccolo. Hiking at these altitudes above the treeline is easy as all you need do is follow the obvious trails, or the more venturesome may hike with a topo map as their guide.

Make sure you note the Gondola times. The last remaining 7 km are tough if you miss it walk down.

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