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Visit Canada and you must travel Manitoba. The province is right smack dab in the middle of the country.

Although Manitoba is a huge province the highway system mainly happens in the lower half. The province is 800 miles from north to south and just over 300 miles wide. However at the widest point it is 500 miles from east to west.

The lower or southern half of the province is where most of the living happens. Winnipeg, a city of 650,000 hosts 50% of the population of the entire population and is a beautiful city lying just 50 miles north of the North Dakota/Minnesota border of the USA.


The summers are very warm but quite short and the winters are very cold, windy and long. Bitterly cold winds never seem to let up in winter. But the cold is made more bearable because the air is dry, but the province does get plenty of snow that can fall from November until April. Winter is probably not the best time for you to travel Manitoba in your motor home.

The lower I/4 of the province does experience a few tornados each year but the weather does create the most sunny days each year for the whole of Canada

Diversified Economy

This prairie province in the heartland of Canada consists of 100,000 lakes and the fishing is nothing short of fantastic.

A huge business has evolved for the fly-in fishing camps. Fishermen from all over the world flock to here every year to take part in this wonderful sport.

Agriculture in the fertile lower half of the province consists of cattle ranching and the growing of wheat and canola oil. Other major industries include manufacturing, energy, mining and forestry.

This inland province is unique as it has a salt water coastline in the form of Hudson Bay.

Boreal forests cover ½ the province with white and black spruce, larch, aspen and the pines as the prevalent species.


The province is home to a wide range of animals. In the northern section the polar bear is king. They make their home around Churchill during the seasons when the ice in the bay is gone. Churchill is known as the "Polar Bear Capital".

Many other large animals, moose, deer and wolves make their home in the province. There are 145 species of birds that call Manitoba home.

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Travel Manitoba and you will notice a great many railroads that service not only the southern parts of the province but they carry passengers and freight to the mainly inaccessible areas of the north.

For instance, The port of Churchill on Hudson Bay is closer to the ports of Norway than any other port in Canada and hundreds of thousands of wheat are shipped by rail from the south to Churchill and then on to Europe.


Commercial campgrounds serve those who travel Manitoba in their RV and camper trailers as there are facilities everywhere.

Riding Mountain National Park is a huge park with every facility you will require. This is a beautiful park with many lakes and trails. The headquarters are located Wasagaming and is accessible from both the Trans Canada Highway by turning north at Brandon onto highway #10. From Highway #16 at Minnedosa turn north onto highway #10.

Travel Manitoba and you will be certain to find many of the terrific 28 provincial parks that offer campgrounds. These parks are reasonably priced and offer a reservation system.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The home and training Academy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is located in Regina.

There are two activities you really must see when you visit.

  1. RCMP Heritage Center is a very interesting depiction of the history of the force.

  2. RCMP Sunset Ceremony is a very moving ceremony marking the end of the day and done with amazing precision. If you do nothing else while you travel Manitoba this will leave you with a wonderful memory.

One final thought. Although Manitoba is a place for that perfect summer holiday you should be aware that mosquitoes by the billions live there as well. Be sure to carry plenty of repellent with you as you travel.

For our European friends who are searching for a touring caravan site or simply seeing Manitoba in your touring caravan please note we do not show the equivalent distances in kilometers.

Rent a motorhome and spend your vacation while you travel Manitoba. Motorhome rentals are a smart way to travel at a reasonable cost and offer the freedom of choice of when ad where you wish to travel.

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