Travel Alberta. Experience Beauty, Excitement, Adventure

When you travel Alberta you will soon find out that this great Canadian province has it all.

Alberta to anyone visiting, means excitement. To truly take in all of what Alberta has to offer her visitors you really must take to the highways and byways in a motor home, travel trailer or camper van.

Before you do so you should know some facts about this magnificent province such as:

  1. Alberta is huge and occupies 250,000 square miles. To the south lies the USA state of Montana and to the north it joins the North West Territories.

  2. The province of British Columbia is to the west and Saskatchewan creates the border to the east.

  3. Travel from Montana to the North West Territory will take you at least 20 hours plus depending upon your speed. It is 800 miles from north to south.

  4. Travel across from British Columbia to Saskatchewan is 375 miles or approximately one day.

  5. The topography of Alberta is mostly flat rolling hills but 30 miles west of Calgary and Edmonton lie the foothills of the rocky Mountains.

Edmonton, the capitol of Alberta is approximately a 3 hour drive north of Calgary. It has a population of over 700,000 and is beautiful. The main attraction is the West Edmonton Mall, now the second largest mall in North America. It has an indoor circus, roller coaster, huge beach and wave poll, countless shopping outlets, restaurants, and an ice skating arena as well as a unique mini putt.

The exciting city of Calgary

Calgary, with a population of nearly 1 million very active people is the home base of many oil companies. It was the site of the 1988 Winter Olympic games.

Oil plays a huge part of the Alberta economy. The huge Alberta Tar Sands and cold Lake Oil Sands lie near the Alberta/Saskatchewan border north east of Edmonton.

The productive prairie farmers are noted for their skill in producing prodigious volumes of wheat, canola, rape and other grains. Most of it is held in huge buildings called elevators and eventually shipped by rail through to the west coast for shipment world wide.

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Camping in Alberta

Practically every type of campground and RV park is served within the Province for the enjoyment of those who travel Alberta.

The 72 Provincial parks are conveniently located province wide and offer reservation service.

There are 5 fantastic National Parks with wonderful camping grounds offering all services.

These include Wood Buffalo National Park in the north eastern corner of the province. Wood Buffalo is accessible from Hay River in the Northwest Territories by a gravel road and via air from Edmonton. It is located 800 miles from Edmonton. Travel Alberta and the miles slide by.

Emerald Lake Near Banff Alberta

Banff is located on the Trans Canada Highway 2 hours west of Calgary. Probably the most visited of all the National Park.

Just a few miles west of Banff, Lake Louise greets you and just past this beauty you must be certain not to miss the Icefields Parkway for the worlds most scenic drive to Jasper. There are good campgrounds at Lake Louise.

Halfway to Jasper you will come to the Columbia Icefields Glacier Experience where you may take a specially adapted bus up onto the glacier where the ice below your feet will be 1,000 feet thick. Don’t miss this as it is really worth it. The scenery along this highway is breathtaking.

Ahead to the north lies the Jasper National Park and the town of Jasper. From Jasper you may turn east on the Yellowhead Highway to travel Alberta highways to Edmonton.

Beautiful Waterton Lake National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is located south of Calgary near the border of Montana USA. Actually it is co-joined with the Glacier National Park in the USA.

There are a few different routes available for you to take to get there. Here is the link for specific directions. The beautiful Elk Island National Park is located one hour east of Edmonton on the Yellowhead Highway. As you travel Alberta you will need peace and quiet now and then. This is the park to find it.

As you travel Alberta you will enjoy the warm summer breezes and the scenery. Be sure to leave the main highways and get to see the other areas as well. Small towns and cities are everywhere. Take not of the huge farm machinery designed to till the land in very wide swathes. These machines are air conditioned and are guided by GPS as some farms consist of many thousands of acres.

Exciting Drumheller, Alberta

Be sure to visit Drumheller known as the dinosaur capital of Canada.

Here there are dinosaurs everywhere in this quaint town. Not only that, here you will visit one of the best dinosaur museums in the world.

Play a game of golf on the good quality course where millions of years ago the dinosaurs played their game.

Drumheller is located south of Red Deer a few miles east of Calgary.

Stay at the neat little RV park nearby.

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