Travel to Canada and Beautiful Prince Edward Island

When you travel to Canada you tour the world's 4th largest country. That's big. Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories.

This page is what you may expect when you travel to Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province.

It is only 150 miles long and 35 miles wide at it's widest point. You may reach it from The Confederation Bridge, the longest bridge over ice covered water in the world.

Fortunately, the ice leaves about April, the weather warms, and the Garden Island lives up to it's name as the dull grass of winter turns a beautiful green, beautiful hardwood trees grow their leaves and the whole island becomes an immense, lush garden.

The bridge is an engineering marvel. Getting to the island was a problem for many years. The ferry transportation proved to be impassable when the ice arrived. The ice came from the north, pushed into the surrounding waters by the strong ocean currents. The wind held it tight to the shore, making it almost impossible for the powerful ferries to penetrate. This blockade could last for a week or more at a time.

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Prince Edward Island…Canada's Garden Province

The Garden Province is so named due to the amazing crop of potatoes that are grown for the potato chip market. The Irving's and McCain's families of New Brunswick and PEI process millions of tons for sale all over the world.

Drive past some of the many picturesque harbors along the shores and you will thousands of white floats laid out in neat rows stretching for miles. These floats are helping to hold up rope lines and attached to those ropes, lying beneath the surface, are billions of baby mussels.

In the fall these babies will be brought to the surface and placed into long stringy round sock shaped nets and put back in the water to grow and mature. I about 2 years time they will be processed and shipped live world wide to be served in the finest restaurants and the home tables everywhere.

Lobster Fishing On Prince Edward Island

Other industries on the island are lobster and crab fisheries, strawberries and farming and dairy cattle.

Anne of Green Gables

Many people travel to Canada and make it a point to visit the home of Ann of Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on PEI and the old family home at Cavendish as well as her fame has created a cottage industry in the area attracting thousands of tourists to the Island every year. Even the license plates for the Province have a picture of Anne. Balsam Hollow and the forest that inspired the Haunted Woods described in the book are also located in the vicinity. Those fans of Anne travel to Canada in great numbers each year.

A Visitors Mecca

PEI is a wonderful place to visit in summer. Numerous beaches, many top quality golf courses and a volume of tourist attractions create a visitors paradise. The city of Charlottetown is the main city of 35,000 friendly people. The population of the Island is 140,000 with the greatest majority tracing their roots back to Scotland. Summerside is the other city. During the 2nd world war this was the site of an air force training base.

The first thing you will notice upon arriving is the red soil. It is everywhere. The beaches are red as well and it comes from red sandstone. There are over 90 beaches for your enjoyment.

National Park

The Prince Edward Island National Park is a wonderful camping and RV destination you must visit. To get there follow the Trans-Canada Hwy to Route 1A through to Kensington, follow Route #6 to Cavendish.

Travel to Canada and PEI will create memories for you to take home and stay with you for many years to come.

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When you travel to Canada you must make certain to purchase a travel insurance policy. With travel insurance Canada will be easy should you become ill or injured. Without coverage it will be very costly, not quite as costly as you travel USA, but you should be prepared. Because the Yukon territory is only a step away from your Alaska adventure travel it could be easy to forget to buy coverage. Many travel reviews mention this.

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