Fulltime Rving. When The Urge Hits You to go Rving Will You Be Aware Of The Pitfalls?

Full time Rving. Just say the word and you will get that sudden urge to hit the road with zest.

Drive down any highway in the world today and you will see Rv’s of every type and description traveling along, mostly in the slow lanes.

These are happy people doing their own thing. Many are families out enjoying their vacations as well as retirees enjoying life as it comes.

In a few short weeks the vacation will nothing but a fond memory for most, but for the full timers you can bet they are living life as free as the birds.

They have decided to add excitement to their lives by exchanging their permanent homes for a lifetime on wheels. Many will belong to an RV travel club where they may stay in specific RV parks for a week or two at a time before moving on.

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Travel through some of the southern states in winter and you will find vast numbers of these folks parked in countless numbers of parks.

Did you know that the little town of Quartzite, Arizona with a full time population of 2,800 expands in winter to over 1,000,000 when the Rv’s arrive and take up their spot in the surrounding dessert. For 16 miles in every direction they set up for an extended stay.

Unlike in the city at home, sewer and water trucks come to them. The owners take part in or attend the many shops and RV sales parks and gem shows and flea markets that seem to spring up overnight.

When summer arrives in the north most will hook up their tow vehicles and head for the cooler climate to visit friends back home or to tour the roads of North America in their homes on wheels.

One important thing those folks into fulltime Rving must be aware of is their security.

Traveling with a group makes good sense because crooks do not care for people watching and will shy away from a group. They generally want to avoid trouble because every crook is basically a lazy coward. They are too lazy to hold a legitimate job and cowardly hide behind a gun to get what they want.

These low-life creatures will search out the lone RV that is parked far away in a spot where no one else may be present. They will approach the RV and look for tracks of a tow vehicle leading away indicating they may be quite free to break in and steal everything in sight.

If you think it may not happen, think again. In the winter of 2010 a couple from Alberta, Canada set out on a trip to British Columbia in their RV. They had a tow vehicle behind their motor home. They disappeared without a trace. Their motor home was found burned to the ground a few days later. Two weeks later their tow vehicle was found abandoned. The couple were never found.

Traveling alone is simply not a safe way to go. Join a group for safety and live to enjoy the lifestyle of fulltime Rving.

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