Creative Writing Prompts. Do Your Writing Topics Come Naturally?

There are more creative writing prompts in the authors world than stars in the sky. Each writer has had writers block from time to time. They sit at the keyboard, notes at hand, and everything in the head goes totally blank.

It doesn't matter weather they want to write a ten word message, writing an essay, writing articles, a book or a page on their website.

I'm going to share my method with you because once I set it up I am writing in a matter of moments.

This is not about writing techniques. People with much more knowledge than I will teach you that. There are great teachers who specialize in subjects such as technical writing tips and such deep subjects as Japanese symbol writing and old English writing.

Other than writing many pages all about the great Whistler-Outdoors area, we often are asked about how we built our website. Because of those requests, we have written many pages such as those listed here below about this subject.

Today I want to write about how I get started to write a page. This page in fact.

First I do a keyword search for the word WRITING. I do this with the Solo Build It tool called Brainstorm It. The tool searches millions of sites and lets me see the keyword combinations I might use.

Creative Writing Prompts scores high for a keyword. I then decide to tell everyone who may be interested how I start to write a page. What is the key to get my fingers going? What do I do to begin that first paragraph.

Truthfully, I have no idea at this point. I do not have an outline. Nothing.

I open the word processor and set up my template exactly as I did for this page. I changed the basic keyword from CREATIVE WRITING PROMPT to GREATIVE because I do not want to overload this page with that keyword.

This is the exact Template I used for this page


Greative writing prompts

Greative writing prompts, creative writing ideas, writing topics, writing for money

How do you obtain your greative writing prompt? Do you sketch outline after outline or just get to it? Here is my secret to get me motivated.

Greative Writing Prompts. Do Your Writing Topics Come Naturally?

There are more Greative writing prompts in the authors world than stars in...


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Now that I have spent some time searching for the proper keywords to use, the ideas begin to flow as I compose the DESCRIPTION.

This is a short, two sentence paragraph that will be seen on Google and elsewhere if a browser is searching for "Creative Writing Prompt". My keyword.

At this point I am feeling as if I was a newspaper reporter. I Compose the Headline, which will be similar to what you will see in the newspaper.

Now I imagine I am sitting down with you and cannot wait to get started to tell you all about Creative Writing Prompting. You asked me by searching my keywords so I begin to tell you all that I know.

I find this system really helpful to get me started and on track.

You may find it easier to rough out a plan for your webpage.

If you are going to write a page on technical writing tips, you certainly will want to have your notes and details in order prior to doing this. My method may be considered Narrative Writing as compared to technical writing manuals.

Irma tells me that this may be the reason I have never been awarded writing scholarships. I do not try to do any fancy writing. I keep things pretty well as I speak.

As I write I have in mind to set up my page in three parts.

  • The problem most writers have.
  • How I solve that problem.
  • I explain why it works for me.

    Whistler-outdoors is comprised with over 300 pages at this time. Each page is written by using this same template.

    Using the Solo Build It software has enabled me to build a very successful website. If you would like to compare Solo Build It to other site building software then you should see this page where they dare to compare winning results to all others.

    It does not matter if your subject is Arabic tattoo writing or writing executive summary papers.

    Writing a speech is similar to writing resolutions. It is tough to get started. Website designers often have the idea to make money work from home and they really make money with affiliate programs. When you make your own website you can actually make money with your website. Making money may not be your ultimate goal to begin with but most often you begin building a website and find that you can earn money writing a web page while making your own website, rather than submitting it to someone else's site.

    Website design is not much different than writing a letter. You use your own letter writing format. You will make your homepage and it will be a reflection of yourself. If you want to make money from home online you may find some unusual ways to make money by checking out some of the very successful sites that have been produced using Solo Build It software by reading Why I love SBI.

    You do not need a custom website design because Solo Build It provides you with tons of beautiful templates. You select the one you want and the website design software does the rest.

    If you are having trouble getting started I suggest you try this method. It really works.

    Here are more articles I have written on the subject of setting up and working on your website.

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