Work from home. Sounds easy, but is it???

You’ve heard it before many times. Work from home. Fire your boss. No more commuting.

The ads all tell you what they want you to hear. They talk about big fancy homes, luxury automobiles, cruises, Hawaiian vacations. Get rich quick.

But they never ask, “what do YOU want.”

Do you really want these fancy dream things, or just a few more dollars a month to help with the mortgage?

As a mom would you like to stay home with the children and work in your casuals every day? On your terms? At your pace?

Would you like to tell your boss to “stick it” and relieve the stress?

Is your retirement boring? You have enough money but you need to “do something” before you go crazy?

You’re getting close to retirement and you are afraid your pension will not be enough!

If your income stopped today, how would you survive?

What interests you? A hobby? A sport? Travel? Internet? Cooking? Baking? Writing? Health? Business? Camping? Shopping?

If my wife, Irma and I sat with you, could you talk to us about your interest for a little while? What your interest is all about? Why you enjoy it? When do you do it and where? Does it take up much time?

What is the most interesting part of your subjects passion?

Did you notice how your brain begins to work as soon as I asked that question? When you sit with a friend and just carry a conversation did you ever notice how you will tell about something, then your friend will tell part of their story and in the meantime you are formulating what you are going to tell next in your mind.

That’s exactly how we think, isn’t it? TV shows, books, Websites and simple conversations are all made up of little parts and put together so you and I can understand. We are led by a story line until finally we have the whole picture in our memory bank.

Build your own website and make money. Here is our Site Build It! Review. This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme but a step by step process to making your online income grow.

Would you like to tell about your interest, and get paid for telling it?

Notice how our website is made up of a whole bunch of stories. If we were talking with you we would tell you about a hiking trip we took to Blowdown Pass and the fun we had and the deer that came by for a visit with us, and wouldn’t leave. Then a ski trip. Followed by a shopping story.

That’s how our website came about. It grew, one story at a time. SBI taught us how to put it together piece by piece. And best of all, we work from home.

Suddenly….there it was.

That is exactly the way you could tell about an interesting hobby or interest of yours. Do you think you could do that? Sure you could. You do it every day, right!

What you have is unique to you. You have a great knowledge about something. The good thing is, we, the public want to hear about it. We want to hear you tell it in your own words.

You will have noticed that the writing on our site is not perfect. Irma and I talk exactly like this. No fancy long words. Questionable grammar and phrases. We leave that part to the professionals. When you tell your story we want to hear it in your words. Your passion will come out when you forget about the grammar.

Irma and I work from home. We love it. Like you, we found our way to a page like this, saw how others were making money simply telling about interesting things and thought, “why not us”.

We had no idea what we would write about. That’s the amazing part. No clue. We just followed the directions and advice and narrowed our concept down to three ideas and what you see here on our site is the final result.

Three times previously I tried to make a website. I couldn’t get to first base. I gave up each time in frustration.I wanted to work from home.

What could be easier… or more fun?

SBI is an amazing concept. Hundreds of thousands of people, just like you, work from home, creating websites drawing millions of viewers every day to read about interesting people, places, things, and hobbies. Because of the great content you will add, they bookmark your site and tell others. Work from home is a smashing idea.

One of the features aboutSite Build It that we really liked when we first read about them is that they dare to compare their site with all of the competition out on the web. Please take a moment to take a look.

Because people come to your site you may place ads on your pages such as such as Google ads. When the visitors click and buy something you make money while you work from home. Even while you are asleep. That’s what you will call the ideal way to work from home.

When you work from home your whole life will change. You will eliminate the hassle of traffic, accidents, snippy bosses, downsizing, pay cuts, lay offs, and those days when you are suffering from the flu or head cold.

You might as "how do I create a website?" that is a good question to ask. Creating a website for free is possible, well nearly possible anyway. Nothing is free. Somewhere along the line someone must pay for the domain name, website hosting and other costs that will run from about $10. Per month to hundreds of dollars if you want all kinds of help. And you will need it because to create a website you need to use a good website design software package such as Site Build It which is the best and most popular complete website building package ever invented.

Page design is an art that can be learned by using Site Build It software. If you are looking for low cost hosting you will have no problem finding the sites but then you need domain name and neither one will give you the answers you will need later. Soon you will find that the cheapest web hosting is not necessarily the best. If you want to create a free website then you must be ready to learn how to do it, and that is the tough part. Website design is tough enough so don't waste your time and money. Use the best web page software you will ever find anywhere.

This is your eye-opener. Do you realize that your hobbies and life skills can generate a solid income on the Web for you?

This is not a get rich scheme. If you are looking for fast money, you had better move along. However if you are willing to take the time to learn, work hard and stick with it, the rewards will be there for you.

We are actively adding new articles to keep you fully informed about Whistler Outdoors.

In September 2007 Irma and I realized we needed a few more dollars in our budget for the little things that seemed to cost more than we could afford to spend. We thought we would try selling something on EBAY. We tried but ended up almost giving things away FREE. People were selling things below cost and making a few pennies of profit on shipping charges. We heard about affiliate marketing but we needed a website to sell products for companies. One evening we found a review of a company called Solo Build It! To make a long story short, this website is the result of our search. Recently we wrote Solo Build It! Review. We hope you will enjoy it.
PS... We now have those extra dollars to play with.

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