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Make money writing. That phrase has a great ring to it


So often I hear someone say they would like to make money from their writing. I then ask, "why write an article and get paid a few paltry dollars for it, when you can easily write for yourself?"

I then explain that once you sell an article, it is gone. It is no longer an asset to you. It may very well sit as a page on someone else's website and will make money for them for many years to come. By doing so you make money…for them!

Seems a waste, doesn't it!

If you are sitting on your talent you really must make use of it, or someone else might.

I recently visited a small town and enjoyed a stroll along the main street with my family. The shops were very nice with a wonderful variety of gifts and clothing as well as quaint coffee shops. It is the type of town people such as Irma and I enjoy visiting.

Build your own website and make money. Here is our Solo Build It! Review. This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme but a step by step process to making your online income grow.

Part way down the street we happened to look further down a small alley and noticed a neatly decorated candy shop. Our daughter noticed the sign in the window from a few hundred feet. It said Chocolate Fudge. Nothing would stop us. We had to visit that shop.

Upon entering we discovered one of the best stocked candy shops ever. What a wonderful variety of delectable sweet delights. Everything was beautifully wrapped and presented in such a way we just could not resist.

The pretty lady behind the scrumptious display of slabs of maple fudge offered us a sample. It melted in the mouth and invited more.

She told me her daughter owned the shop, and worked very hard to make it a success. From the look of it I have no doubt it will be. The fudge melted in the mouth and invited more.

Another display was delightful chocolate bars created from a company in Colorado. The wrapping was perfect.

Have you seen individually gift wrapped ribbon candy lately? It has been a long time since we feasted on some.

The sad thing was that we live 40 miles away and may not get back to the shop for a year or more. Yet we would love to purchase some of their creations as gifts, online.

Unfortunately, they do not have a website. What a pity.

Before we left the shop, I promised the lady I would send her a link to Solo Build It and she can see for herself just how easy it would be to set up a very nice website so that folks such my family would be able to order some of those treats online when we wanted. That is how she could make money writing.

Descriptive writing is an art. To write a page you do not need any technical writing tips.You do not need fancy writing. You may want to write a free resume writing service, or you may consider writing a letter of resignation.

In a case such as this, she, or someone in the same circumstance, could have a fine site. Apart from detailing the mouth watering candy, she could offer tons of great content as she carries hundreds of tempting candy from all over the world.

She could explain how the candy is made, what special ingredients make the taste so tempting to the palate, where chocolate comes from, how the taffy that she displays is produced. This a much better way to make money writing.

She had a mouth watering display of fudge of many tastes. Coffee, vanilla, maple and maple walnut as well as rich, dark chocolate.

Everyone who owns a store or shop of even the smallest size would do well to build a website. Build it, create great, informative content and people will come. Not only to visit but to buy. You and your staff may work 8 or so hours in your shop but your website works 24/7/365. And by using Solo Build It it will cost you less than .90 cents per day. Imagine!

How can you afford NOT to build your site.

Here are some of the folks who have built successful SBI websites. All of these are listed in the top 1% on the world wide web.

If you have a small business, why not tell the world about it!

Building a website is really easy. You do not build it over night. It does take time if you want to build a great one. But the results are amazing. You will soon come to believe that you can make money writing your own website with Solo Build It software.

You may search for a free online writing course if you wish. Nothing works better though than sitting at your writing desk and hitting start.

When you build a web page you need to be careful while building web page backgrounds. Some people try to use free web page graphics on their pages to create cool web page backgrounds. You must remember that most people are searching for content. If they cannot read the content because of the background they will leave your website and not come back.

If you want to create my own web page you will need a great software package such as Solo Build It.In this one package you will have every tool you will need for website building. Hosting a website is extremely complicated but Solo Build It does everything you will require so that you will be able to design your website properly.

You can search for free web page layouts and a free web page design tutorial but when you try to put together all the ingredients to make website you will be lost. Then what will you do. Most webmasters are dubious about giving out tips on website building. Unlike Solo Build It they do not want to give away their trade secrets. Solo Build It is different. They not only teach you how to build a great website but thousands of users are ready and waiting to teach you how to solve problems you may run into and they do this for nothing. That is Why I love SBI.

To help you , Irma and I have listed some of the pages below that we believe will cause you to understand just what goes into building a website. In this way you make money writing for YOU.

Good Luck

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