Free Webpage Templates. Make A Webpage Interesting And Visitors Will Come

Free webpage templates are plentiful on the internet. But, when it comes to building a webpage, the least of your tasks should be obtaining a free template.

Irma and I personally use Solo Build It to build our webpages. Solo Build It is everything we need from beginning to end.

So how do we go about actually building a page?

Here is what I do.

  • I begin with using a tool called Brainstorm It. All of the tools are available from Solo Build It when you use their software. Brainstorm It searches millions of websites for the keyword I intend to use. It gives me an idea of how many searches are made for 1,000 keywords and it also gives me the number of websites using that word. From all of this information I select the keyword (in this page here I am using FREE WEBPAGE TEMPLATES as my main template. I also select 3 more keywords. The search engines disregard more than 4 and might consider any page that uses more than 4 as keyword loading.

  • Now I compose the page Description. A short sentence or two to describe my page. This is where I tell you what to expect to find if you chose to read on. In this instance, I let you know there are more important things to worry about than finding free templates when preparing a page.

  • Headline. This is like the new bulletin. Short and to the point. It also contains a second keyword. It is in the title "Free Webpage Templates. Make A Webpage Interesting And Visitors Will Come"

  • Text. I begin the text with the main keyword. It should appear within the first 90 letters of your opening.

  • Here are the five parts of my template that make up the outline for my page.

    • File
    • Title
    • Keywords
    • Description
    • Headline
    • Text

    Build your own website and make money. Here is our Solo Build It! Review. This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme but a step by step process to making your online income grow.

    The file is the keyword separated by a hyphen.

    When I began using Solo Build It I thought that the template was the stuff that made up the look of my pages. The header, navigation bar, footer, the background and all of the look and feel of the page.

    One of the features about Solo Build It that we really liked when we first read about them is that they dare to compare their site with all of the competition out on the web. Please take a moment to take a look.

    Then when I began to get ready to build my first page I found the above method someone had posted in the Solo Build It forums. This was the second use of the word template.

    Solo Build It has an amazing method for us to make up the look and feel of our pages. We select all of the parts from a wide selection of templates, choosing colors, background, navigation bar etc. Since we have already selected the domain name, the software adds this to the graphic on the header and there it is.

    Once we finally decide on the look and feel of the page it becomes the default for the entire site. No need to think about it ever again.

    It is very simple to change the entire page template later on if we want. It only takes a few minutes to do.

    Although the overall appearance of the page is very important, the point I want to make here is that the most important part of your page is the content you are going to write and deliver to your visitors.

    I have reviewed hundreds of webpages. The most memorable pages are those delivering great content. I hardly noticed the background layout. It was the good ideas and descriptions and information that stayed with me that was important. So much for free webpage templates.

    Often while doing a search for information I will come across a page with wild graphics, color buttons everywhere and script almost impossible to read due to contrasting backgrounds. This type of page will not do anyone any good.

    People are looking for information. Whatever your concept, provide good informative content within your pages and you will have many repeat visitors.

    Some would-be webmasters believe that all they need to do is download a free webpage template and fill in the pages. Wow. Are they mistaken. That is what I thought once upon a time before I found Solo Build It. I wasted hours trying to figure out this and that before I gave up in frustration.

    The point I want to make is that I, and hundreds of thousands of webmasters all over the world, have made Solo Build It our choice for the very best software product to use.

    Content management is an important part of web page building. A good content management system that I use when preparing a page is 1/3 intro, 1/3 solution, 1/3 wrap up. My site content will be split up into these three sections. If my page will be comprised of 600 words it will be arranged in this manner.

    Here is an example.

    I may want to write a page on design your own website. I will devote approximately 1/3 of my web page content about the importance of website design, I/3 on what makes good/poor design and 1/3 on how good design might be accomplished. You will soon become a good content manager and it will be easy for you to design your own website. That is what website building is all about.

    Here are some of the amazing sites who used Solo Build It to produce their successful SBI websites.

    Good luck to you whatever method you use.

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