Content Management is Crucial. Get it Right The first Time

This is all about content management for your web site and web pages.

Everyone has heard realtors talk about location, location, location as the 3 most important reasons for sales.

Every successful web site owner will tell you that the 3 most important paths to a successful site are content, content, content.

A website might have great graphics, a solid advertising program and a good number of links but if it lacks good, informative content, the site will go nowhere.

Build your own website and make money. Here is our Solo Build It! Review. This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme but a step by step process to making your online income grow.

Here are the 5 most important tips I find are absolutely necessary to a successful content management program.

  • Your website content must deliver what you promise. Have you ever searched for information on a subject, only to bring up site after site of useless links or many ads but little or no content? Will you ever return to the site? The website will not be online next year, you can count on it. The owner did not deliver.

  • Your content must match your site concept. You might wonder why I have written these pages on building a website when whistler-outdoors is all about the outdoor life. However, I have been asked many times to tell the secret of building such a nice, informative site can be achieved. This is the reason why this site has a dozen or more pages such as this one. The Solo Build It program will teach you the best way to handle these requests without going off in another direction with the site content.

  • Do not worry about the length of your pages. For a long time, for some unknown reason, I had the figure of 500 words in my mind as being the target word content for a page. I read a blog by Steve Pavlina. One of his pages ran 7,800 words. I thought this guy must not have any visitors if he goes on and on like this. Wrong. His blog has over one million visitors per month. He tells that he writes until his point is made. If it works for Steve…

  • Do not worry about getting your grammar perfect. I know that mine is far from perfect. I write what is in my mind. If you were sitting in my living room and I was telling you all about this subject, you would be hearing it the same as you are reading this. No different. We have a daughter who spent her years as a stenographer. She put together excellent letters. She cringed when she read my first pages and offered to rewrite them. Later I read tips by Ken Evoy, founder of Solo Build It and his teaching is do not spend valuable time getting everything perfect. Write excellent content and your visitors will overlook the errors in grammar. Let spell-check look after the spelling. This is good content management advice.

  • Emulate successful sites. A smart person once said "I never learn while I am speaking." This is so true. Spend a lot of time seeing what others do to manage their content. Check this link to see some of the most successful SBI websites. Once you check out some of the sites you will see how they handle their content management so smoothly. They deliver great content.

    One of the features about Solo Build It that we really liked when we first read about them is that they dare to compare their site with all of the competition out on the web. Please take a moment to take a look. So, how will you know when you deliver on your promise. Your visitors will tell you. Their numbers will either go up or stay still or go down. If you are not gaining a few new visitors each month you might check your content management program. If you are not over-delivering your content then it may be time to check out some more sites. Solo Build It has the most amazing forum where you might want to submit your site for review by your peers. These are just ordinary web builders such as yourself who will give you their honest opinion and most often some very helpful suggestions.

    When I first began whistler-outdoors I would find myself in a bind for answers. I remember that I was having a tough time trying to get a link to work. I decided to post a question on the forum. Within 15 minutes an off duty flight controller (I assumed he was off duty) in Auckland, New Zealand gave me the answer to my problem. Such is the wonders of the world wide web.

    Since that time I have had many occasions to search for answers in the forum. You will find thousands of questions and answers to every possible idea. The forum is invaluable. The forum access is available once you join the Solo Build It program.

    Content management is such a complex system. There are so many points you must consider. Once you are finished putting your content on paper a good idea is to return to the beginning and read it out loud to yourself. If it still sounds right to you, upload it and move on.

    Creating your own website can be both fun and profitable if you prefer. Many website designers do not want to make money and so leave that aspect to others, while others make a nice income from advertising. If you wonder how to get a website I believe you will gain a lot ideas by reading Why I love SBI where plenty of Solo Build It members show their sites and tell their stories.

    If you are one of the people who ask "how do I make a website for free" you need to know that many folks promote free websites, but you must buy your domain name and find a host and pay them their monthly fee. Then what do you do when you need help for your work. Web page hosting must be more than a cheap host. There is no such thing as creating a free website.

    Perhaps you are looking for a free website designer. Again, there is no such thing. You may find one online and then you will be offered a tiny little bit of memory and then you are offered the super deluxe premium where you may only pay $20. Or $30. per month for more memory. Check dare to compare to take a look at SBI and how they compare to the FREE websites.

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