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Just what is an affiliate marketing opportunity?

If you are a recent newcomer to the website building business, sooner or later you will have this question pop up.

Some webmasters build a website strictly to sell or promote a certain product. They do not add content to the site but set up links to their website to draw traffic. Their main focus then is to try to have that traffic connect with the sales page of the site owned by the hard goods merchant. For this effort the merchant pays a commission.

This then is the affiliate marketing opportunity in a nutshell.

Other webmasters do things a little differently. As the owners of Irma and I set out to provide as much information as possible about enjoying life in the great outdoors along the Whistler, British Columbia corridor. The corridor is a valley stretching from the town of Squamish in the west to the quaint town of Lillouet in the east. A distance of approximately 60 miles give or take a few.

Using Solo Build It software we gradually built the first 30 pages of our site. At first we hardly had any visitors to our site, but as we built more and more pages our traffic numbers built as well. Once those visitors hit 100 per day we decided to seek out companies who may want to pay us a commission to sell their products. That is called an affiliate marketing opportunity.

The first thing we did was to apply to Google Adsense. This is an amazing affiliate marketing opportunity. Here is how it works.

The webmaster, me, logs into the Google Adsense site where I find the many different blocks of ads I may place on my site. I decide the colors for the ads, the borders if any and a few other items. Once those decisions are made, I am presented with a block of code that I now place on my page. I am allowed to place 3 blocks of ads on my site pages.

So far, the ads are simply a blank area. I do not know what will be advertised in the block. I may block certain fields that I think my visitors might not like. Other than that it is up to Google to make sense of their Adsense ads.

Now the computers take over. Google spiders, as they are called, search the content of my page and place ads in the blocks for products or services that match the content of the page.

For instance, if I write a page about camping and place the blocks on the page, the computers will probably place ads for companies who sell camping equipment. Simple is it not.

The advertising companies bid for the pages containing certain words in an auction Google conducts. The successful bidder pays Google.

Build your own website and make money. Here is our Solo Build It! Review. This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme but a step by step process to making your online income grow.

Now we have the page set up with my content and a few Google Adsense ads sitting on the page. A visitor who is a camper arrives on the page and sees an ad from his favorite retailer and decides to see what the retailer is offering on his site. He clicks on the site and Google Adsense computers pick up the click and credit my account for a portion of the amount the retailer paid for the ad space.

This basically is how Google Adsense works. Once I have placed the blocks I no longer need to do anything else but cash the check Google sends me once in awhile.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of companies who would rather not become involved with the Google Adsense system for whatever reasons. They have two basic options.

There are many companies such as Commission or who act as a brokerage house offer their style of affiliate marketing opportunity. A company may decide to apply to these companies and if accepted they will post their offer for webmasters to take a look at. They usually offer a commission based upon a percentage of the retail price. They provide the ad and the code to place it on your site. In this instance, you do not earn a commission until a sale is made. is a similar website broker that deals only in items that can be downloaded off the net. They list at least 10,000 E-Books, e-courses and the like. With their affiliate marketing opportunity, you place the ad on your pages and a sale must be made before you earn the commission. The big difference with these products is the size of the commission. In many cases the webmaster earns up to 75% of the selling price. This is the home ground of the Super Affiliate Marketer. They will take a product and create the most awesome selling site that almost defies you to turn down the pitch. Some of these affiliates make in access of $100,000. per month. The opportunity is open to everyone.

Not everyone makes the decision to take part in an affiliate marketing opportunity. There are many wonderful, fact filled websites with excellent content. However if you have the urge to build a website Irma and I heartily endorse Solo Build It as there is simply not anything on the world wide web to compare.

Well there are others. One of the features about Solo Build It that we really liked when we first read about them is that they dare to compare their site with all of the competition out on the web. Please take a moment to take a look.

If you do build a site we trust that this information we have written for you will be of some help to you.

Many programs will tell us how to make money with affiliate program or how to make money blogging but what do you do if you want to make money in college? A good idea is to enroll in a free online writing course or find a make money ebook on line. Once you build own website you may design a website specifically to make money with affiliate programs. Website development is a matter of taking one step at a time.

  • You find a web design software such as Solo Build It.

  • You search the templates tool and select yours, then you register domain name.

  • You build your own web page.

    Let's say your concept will be "writing nursing care plans" and you want to make money with your website. Take these three steps and you are on your way.

    We highly recommend that you take notice of these other pages we have written on the subject of building a website and affiliate marketing opportunity.

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