Best Website Design Starts With Excellent Content

It is no secret. The best website design means nothing without excellent content.

People search the web for information. They want to learn something. They want details. What they are not looking for is fancy graphics, unreadable fonts, exploding photos or gimmicks.

There are exceptions to this though. If you are targeting teens, they may be attracted but as we age, the gimmicks become annoying and should be removed.

If you are a website owner, you must take into consideration the age group of potential visitors you intend to attract to you pages.

Take a look at our pages for example.

Each of the pages on our website are written to supply information to certain audiences.

Build your own website and make money. Here is our Solo Build It! Review. This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme but a step by step process to making your online income grow.

Many of our visitors are campers. They are searching for information on cooking in the campground or the best places to camp. They also search for camping gear. Some visitors are searching for hiking trails. We have more than 16 different trails featured, each one is described in detail.

On these types of pages we place a few photos to attempt to show what each trail is like.

When we place affiliate ads on these pages we try to feature advertisers who sell products such as outdoor gear. Clothing and hiking boots for instance.

We have written many pages of information related to setting up a website and we feature links simply because we use it and it is the best website building program on the internet.

The great thing about Solo Build It is that they allow themselves to be compared to their competition. That is quite a gamble as you might well imagine. They say dare to compare to the competition and let the chips fall where they may.

When we began our website we didn't have a clue about building a website. We certainly did not know what HTML is. That is the code that places everything on your pages. As we began to build pages we were to discover all of the ins and outs of what it was all about.

The beauty of the Solo Build It system is that we didn't need to know this coding stuff. But as we progressed we were taught how to use it to our advantage. If we wanted to know something we simply went to the forums where everyone helps each other.

The forums are incredible. What we find is that people who are so successful in their websites are so willing to help those of us who may not be quite there yet. They even invite us to submit our sites for review. People can be so kind. Even when a very poorly set up site is submitted for a review they don't make rude remarks or tear them apart but they suggest things to help them improve their sites.

Perhaps a person is not making any money from advertising on their sites. They will write a post and in no time someone who is doing well financially will help them to get on the right path.

I remember early on in our page building process I was having trouble to get a link working. I was at a dead end. Half an hour after I posted this on the forums a lady from Scotland explained what to do. It's a small world.

At the top of the stack of websites in this page there is a video of a gent named Elad who has a very successful website. He really does not need to, but he has helped thousands of us in his many submissions to the forums. Take a look at Why I love SBI to see what some folks have to say.

The best website design in the universe will only be ad good as it's content. It is really nice to see a nice header and graphics that please the eye but you must get the content right as well. Irma and I love roses. We came across a website in England that would get an award for best website design of her rose site. Sorry but we cannot find it again. But is had tons and tons of exceptional content that kept us enthralled due to the great information it portrayed.

If you are setting out to build your website, always keep in mind that it is your great words of wisdom and knowledge that will draw visitors to your website, not the wild graphics and flashing lights. That is what will earn you the best website design award from your audience.

Think of writing a good resume when you write. It does not matter if you are writing thank you notes,Chinese writing symbols or writing business letters for your boss. Design your site properly and you will succeed.

You might ask yourself, "How do I make a website?" You may not be a website designer so you do a search online for "how to make a website." You will find a great many sites offering things such as creating a free website. The big question I ask is " If it is free, what is it worth?" You will soon find out that free does not mean free. That is only the catch phrase to get you to the site where they will try to sell you a package that will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Website developers are not stupid. They will do nothing for nothing.

When you become the web page maker you want to have the best web design software that will all the way and there is no question that Solo Build It is by far the best ever.

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