So What's YOUR Favorite Whistler Outdoors Memory Going to be?

Enjoy a wonderful, relaxing holiday of a lifetime at Whistler outdoors in the most beautiful region of Canada.

  • Here we will guide you step by step along our challenging and picturesque hiking trails into the alpine meadows and mountain tops…

  • Come with us as we ski and snowboard 200 + trails on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains…

  • Sleep under the stars in your tent or RV in our parks or camp FREE at hundreds of forestry sites…

  • Here we describe the astonishing ways for you to enjoy fishing, kayaking, river rafting, heli-skiing, snowmobiling and the fantastic Whistler adventurers to be found in the backcountry.

  • Need a baby sitter while you ski? A doctors advice?

  • Would you like to kiss a glacier? Or take a snowmobile ride on a snowfield 500 feet thick while in the beautiful Whistler outdoors?

  • What about a flight in a glider over Whistler outdoors, a trail ride on a gentle horse, or a jetboat trip on a river filled with rapids?

  • Read our pages on accommodations in Whistler Outdoors and Pemberton.

  • Perhaps you simply would like to read our review about the excellent software we used to build our website.

Get your visit off to a good start and check the information we provide. That way you will get the most out of your visit.


Dusty wants to show you weather conditions as they are now on the mountain. Web Cam, temperatures, ski conditions, avalanche control, weather forecast. Everything you need to know now, as it happens.

Just click on her cute little nose and see it all.

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Working at home
Working at home is a dream for many, but for those who will put in the time there is an amazing variety of opportunities waiting for you. Here are some of the best.
Tiny prints cards
Tiny Prints cards. Birth, christening, bar and bat mitzvah, photo announcements and celebration invitations are perfect for every occasion. See for yourself why they are so popular. Here is how ...
Beautiful BC Photo Gallery
Beautiful BC Photo Gallery. View or purchase magnificent photos and posters from some of the worlds foremost artists.
Whistler Outdoors Store
Whistler outdoors store has a wonderful variety of books, videos, DVDs and amazing posters all designed to assist you in learning about this World Class Resort. Be sure to drop by and take a look.
Whistler Mountain Accommodation vacation guide.
Your guide to Whistler Mountain Accommodation. Hotels, Condos, and Rental Homes. Luxury rental Homes.
Pemberton Tourism
Pemberton tourism is growing in leaps and bounds as it is one fantastic paradise in which to enjoy everything it has to offer, and only 25 minutes from Whistler.
2010 Vancouver Olympics
2010 Vancouver Olympics are going to be awesome. Here’s the up to date information on Whistler venues and preparations taking place.
Paralympics games
Paralympics games have been with us since 1976. Learn about the 2010 Vancouver Winter Paralympics venues and games and what they are all about.
Ski holidays whistler
Ski holidays Whistler will be so incredible you will not rest until your return to the number one ski mountains in the world.
Telemark skiing
Telemark skiing. Who needs perfectly groomed trails? Backcountry skiing is for the adventuresome purist who wants untouched snow-bowls.
Cypress skiing
Cypress skiing resort is amazing. Within one hour drive from downtown. The drive up is breathtaking. It’s where the locals take their visitors to brag.
BC Skiing
BC Skiing is fantastic at Whistler, but let’s take another look at other amazing ski areas that will blow your socks off.
whistler heli skiing
Whistler Heli skiing will take you to the edge where mere mortals dare not tread. Pure, deep, untouched powder awaits those who dare.
whistler back-country
Whistler back-country activities take place all year round. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, touring. Just visiting Whistler? Experienced guides will take you to fantastic sites only the locals really kn
whistler snowboarding
Whistler snowboarding, your guide to the worlds most fantastic, mind blowing pipes and 200 plus trails to challenge your every skill.
snowboard school
Snowboard school. Have you developed a new board trick? Got a better way to do a trick? Here you will have your own page with your action photo
Tobogganing can be either hi tech or let’s do it on the cheap. This is all about doing it on the cheap.
Guided snowshoe tours
Guided snowshoe tours are the most wonderful method of seeing nature as it is. You will be fascinated by how easy it is to accomplish.
Mountain snowmobiling
Mountain snowmobiling. Totally different. Awesome. Thrilling. Mind blowing scenery. An adventure never to be forgotten.
Cooking Roast Beef
Cooking roast beef is an art. Find the correct recipe, take your time, and your friends and family will love you for it.
History of Pasta
The history of pasta is a deep one, going back to China well before Marco Polo visited that country about 1280. He left a chest of pasta in his will to…
Easy steak marinades
Easy steak marinades that will add that zest to your chicken, pork and beef. Simple to make and really something to enjoy.
Campfire cooking
Campfire cooking is easy. Pick up some RV camping supplies, check here for turkey cooking instructions and turkey cooking time and you are all set to go. Camp cooking need not only mean hot dogs.
How to barbecue
To know how to barbecue you should also know all about the different types of barbecues, such as grills, rotisseries, skewer cooking, spit roasting.
Motorhome rental
Motorhome rental is a fascinating way to see the beautiful Country of Canada. How to rent, how to travel safely. Check out the motorhome rental prices and rent yours.
mountain biking guide
Mountain biking guide to the fantastic Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Bike Park with map you can download.
Whistler Hiking guide to the breathtaking Whistler corridor.
Whistler hiking trail maps and descriptions to beautiful Whistler Outdoors. Mind blowing mountain hiking trails in Beautiful British Columbia
Backpacking Trail
Backpacking trail guide to the Black Tusk area of Garibaldi Park. Simply breathtaking scenery wherever you dare to tread.
Emergency supplies
Emergency supplies. Will you have clean drinking water, good food, flashlights and first aid supplies to help your family survive after the hurricane, tornado or fl
Fishing in Whistler
Fishing in Whistler. The secrets of fantastic places, fly fishermen are keeping to themselves. Finally revealed.
River rafting Whistler
Experiencing river rafting Whistler outdoors is a barrel of laughs. Excellent guides will take you on a river to match your family’s situation.
Kayak guide
Kayak guide to the rivers and lakes in the Whistler corridor from Squamish to Lilloett. Kayak types. Kayak paddling. Kayak touring
Golfing friends
Golfing friends are always there to help when things just don’t work as they should on the course. Here are wonderful books I recommend to get you on the right path.
Whistler Golf Vacation
Whistler golf vacation guide to four incredibly beautiful golf courses in Whistler BC. Surrounded by majestic mountains, you will want to play forever.
BC camping guide to the beautiful Whistler corridor.
BC Camping guide to the Whistler area of beautiful British Columbia. Campgrounds. Free campsites to fully equipped parks.
Submit recipes
Submit recipes here and we will give you your own page to tell everyone about it. Simple to do. Show your friends and they will love you for it.
Touring whistler
Touring Whistler. We’ve arrived but now what do we do? How long does it take to see everything? Can we hike and ski on the same day? Whistler through our eyes tells all.
whistler tourism
Whistler tourism facts. Things you need to know about Whistler BC, Weather. Health care, Population. Police. What to wear. What to do. Banking.
Whistler travel guide
Whistler travel guide. How to get there by auto, bus, taxi, limo, train, float plane, yes, even helicopter. You will love it.
Whistler restaurants
Whistler restaurants, your guide to the amazing array of mountain dining and village restaurants to tease your appetite and leave you sated.
Best road trip
Best road trip to take while visiting Whistler is through the whistler corridor to Lillooet. If height bothers you, better choose another one.
Whistler animals
Whistler animals come in a whole variety of packages. Bears, cougars, marmots, lynx, deer, moose, coyotes. What to do when you meet up..
The eccentric undertaking of fear of an apocalypse led to the construction of Walden North by the millionaire Vernon Pick. Why here?
Gold panning
Gold Panning around whistler? Did you know that Whistler is only a short distance from an old gold mine? Do you want to try panning for gold?
About us
About us is all about Irma and Me and our family of four daughters. After fifty years of doing things together. Nothing else matters.
marriage book
Our marriage book has just been completed. Your FREE copy is available. Subscribe to our Newsletter and it's yours.
Lasting marriage
Lasting marriage. Considered an oxymoron these days. But it is certainly possible, if you give it everything you have.
contact form
Contact form used to contact us at Whistler Outdoors. Special requests. Information required. We would like to hear from you.
Share your story
Share your story of your adventure, or misadventure during your vacation trip. Publish it here for all to see.
Submit business stories
Submit business stories and we will design your own page on our site free of charge. Business must be located in the Whistler Corridor, Lower Mainland of BC, Vancouver Island or the Okanagan Valley.
business stories
Whistler business stories written by the owners or staff. Learn all about how they began, why you should do business with them. Learn why you should do business with them.
Trip planner
Trip planner is a comprehensive information page with all of the information you will need for traveling to Whistler from wherever you are coming from.
World travel guide
World travel guide will take you to exotic destinations around the world. Provided by high quality web sites like ours.
Nhl hockey player
NHL Hockey player Johnny Bower was fantastic and a great member of the Hockey Hall of Fame
Stanley park
Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Possibly the number one attraction to see during your visit to the worlds most beautiful city. Huge trees, scores of wildlife, 800 glorious acres with the incomparable sea wa
Walk Vancouver
Walk Vancouver and you see the city in all its glory. Stanley Park, False Creek, Granville Island, Seawall, Science World. Take a stroll or walk all day. Enjoy the beauty.
Sitemap of all of the pages on the Whistler Outdoors website. Looking for something specific? Check here for pages not on the navigation bar.
Patagonia clothing
Patagonia clothing. The name says it all. But do you know the secret to staying warm in winter? It is as simple as…
Camping Tips. Use Our Five Tips as Your Camping Guide
Searching for camping tips? Before you head out you should know these five most important items all smart campers take with them. Camping supplies such as camping tents differ from person to person.
BC golf vacation
A BC golf vacation will be one to remember. Golf year round. Magnificent, lush, emerald green championship courses await you at every turn.
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