Camping Tips. Use Our Five Tips as Your Camping Guide

Searching for camping tips? Before you head out you should know these five most important items all smart campers take with them. Camping supplies such as camping tents differ from person to person.

Our family are campers and have been for many years. We camped when our kids were babies. We camped with them and their children. We camped on the beach and 8,000 feet up in the mountains.

It is essential that you take the right equipment along with you when you head out to your favorite spot in the mountains or the beach. . Poor tents, stoves, utensils, and the list goes on. Nothing can ruin a camping trip quicker than not having the right or having the wrong equipment.

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The first time campers most often treat camping as a day at the beach. The purchase the cheapest equipment they can find and expect it to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors for years to come. They are afraid to spend their hard earned dollars on good equipment. It seems to be ok to spend hundreds of thousands on buying a home, or forty dollars on a nice pillow for their bedroom, but they buy the cheapest gear for a camp where they hope to enjoy the weekend or two week vacation.

Camping in a tent is much different from the comforts of home. You will not have a perfect sleep like at home in your thousand dollar bed. Have you really tried cooking on a camp stove? Will the campground restrooms be available?

Here are the five most important camping tips you must consider before you get into the camping mode.

  • Tent. Think of the size and age of your family and that will be very important in choosing your tent. Put quality at the top of the list. A friend of ours was giving us some camping tips years ago and tent selection was his focus. Wind and rain will be something you will need to deal with. The last thing you need is a rip or a leak during a windy cloudburst. If the children are in their teens you must realize that they will soon be off to college or wherever. We found that once they discover the opposite sex they want no part of spending their weekend out in the boon docks with the family.

  • Mattress. Why sleep on the ground. Inflatable air mattresses are common today. Some of them have small built in pumps that must be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to inflate it. Some of the campgrounds have electrical outlets. Some do not. Buy yourself a foot pump. Look for a mattress that is at least nineteen inches high. They are easier to exit. The kids are more adaptable and have no problem with sleeping on the three or four inch mattresses. Make certain the mattress you purchase can be inflated with the foot pump. This was one of the best camping tips we ever had when we started camping.

  • Porta-pottie. Someone awakens first thing in the AM and really must go right now. There are two people waiting at the washroom door. That little porta-pottie will save your life. We had this happen to us many times before we wised up and bought one. They really come in handy.

  • Three burner propane camp stove. Buy it complete with a small 4 or 5 pound propane tank with the adapter hose. Also buy a couple of one pound propane tanks and tuck them away in the car trunk in case your big tank suddenly goes empty. The old type of white gas stove got the job done but they were cranky and could be dangerous and unpredictable. The propane stoves are much better and easier to use.

  • Cooking pots and pans. Buy from a top outdoor store as they tend to carry the well tested best lines. Get some that can stand the beating they take by moving around.

While reading some backpack reviews lately we see that backpacking tents, being nice and lightweight should make the best family tent to use. They would be good for Arizona rv parks due to the warm climate. If you may be looking for camping trailers for sale you should keep camping vans in mind. They are perfect for the couple who want to head off for a weekend.

They are especially good for the camping sites uk has to offer. Motorcycle tent trailers are amazing. First time we saw one set up we were amazed at the brainpower it took to design a great product. You may want to also out a shower tent on your camping supply list. These are handy for busy campgrounds.

These items are the ones on your list that you must put quality above all other considerations. There is no limit to the camping supplies you can carry. Take a careful look at yours and be prepared for your next trip.

A one man tent is handy in case the children take along some friends. Pennsylvania state parks are excellent. We were in Niagara falls camping one year when we decided to trade up to a new unit. We checked the motorhome blue book, found the motorhome value of some units and headed for a motorhome dealer. Motorhome values certainly fluctuate widely. We found camping sites in North Carolina were fantastic and had no problem fitting in our new rig into the campground parks there.

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