What is the Right Snowboard Stance for You?

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Putting it lightly, the right snowboard stance is one that will have you feeling comfortable on your board. It must leave you relaxed while you do your thing. If, after a few hours on your board you stagger when you walk, perhaps you should check out the following article.


How to Get the Right Snowboard Stance

How to Get the Right Snowboard Stance
By Lucas Bradford

Wondering what a snowboard stance is? A stance is the way that you stand on a board, a snowboard, surfboard or skateboard but for our purposes we'll discuss a stance on a snowboard.

OK, the first thing that you need to do is work out what foot you put up front. If you have your left foot forward this is known as regular footed and if you have your right foot forward it is known as goofy footed. Every person has a preference as to which way they stand and which foot they put forward, so that is the first thing you need to do is work out which is more 'natural' for you.

If you have done any sports such as surfboarding or skateboarding then you may already know which foot you prefer up front. If you haven't then you can try sliding across a slippery floor and take note of which foot you have naturally put out front.

Now that you know whether you are regular or goofy footed the next thing you will need to work out the width of your stance and generally it will be just a touch wider than the width of your shoulders. The width will vary according to how long your legs are but a rough guide is just a bit wider than your shoulder width.

Next up, what angle should your feet be at? This will vary from person to person as it really is a personal preference what angle your foot will be in relation to the board. It may also depend on what style of riding that you are planning on doing. A good way to start out is to start at about a 20 degree angle for the front binding and then adjust either way to what feels the most natural for you. Generally the front binding should be somewhere between 10 and 30 degrees.

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The back binding can go either way - toward the front of the board or toward the back of the board. Having the back binding angled toward the back of the board is called 'duck foot' and these will have angles that are negative degrees. Once again with the back binding start at zero degrees (which of course is straight across the snowboard) and then adjust to what feels comfortable for you. The back binding will be anywhere between -15 and 10 degrees angled.

Overall, your stance is unique to you and is all about what feels the most comfortable for you. It is good to get a comfortable stance before going out on the slopes so that once you are out there you will know how to stand and don't have to feel uncomfortable on the board. Play around with your stance until you get it just right.

Lucas Bradford
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One thing we cannot promise you is that if you learn the proper stance, you will grow a pair of wings as in the above photo. But you will feel as if you are flying with the right stance.

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The Right Snowboard Stance. Do it the proper way and have a great day.

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