Keyword Search. Your Keyword Analysis is Very Important

Your keyword search will reflect itself in the success or failure of your webpage in the effort to attract visitors.

What is a keyword? Good question. When you sit in front of your computer and begin to browse you will enter a phrase or simply a word. Whatever you decide to look for will become a keyword.

For instance. Let me assume you are beginning to build a website like this one. You have built your home page with your best graphics and outlined what your basic concept is all about.

Your next move will be to create a new page.

Where do you begin?

Most people have a method and follow it for every page. Here I am going explain how I go about creating a new page.

  1. I do a keyword search. I use Solo Build It simply because I did not want to learn tons of HTML. I use what is called block by block building better known as block-build-it. Using this method all I need to do is to write.

    One of the features about Solo Build It that we really liked when we first read about them is that they dare to compare their site with all of the competition out on the web. Please take a moment to take a look.

    I decided to write about the importance of using the right keyword so the first thing I do is to use a Solo Build It tool called Brainstormit. I do a search for the word KEYWORD. The software begins to search for how often the word KEYWORD and all of the related phrases containing that word, in combined form, are used within hundreds of millions of searches each day on the internet.

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    This is an incredible tool. It will give me from 800 to 1,000 combinations of the KEYWORD and will show me how many times people enter this phrase in their searches and how many websites there are containing that word or phrase. I then eliminate the least used and narrow down the list to the top 20 or so phrases.

  2. Now I do a search on Google Adwords for KEYWORD phrase. I then find that the phrase KEYWORD SEARCH has been used in both search tools many thousands of times recently and the phrases are very popular.

    From my search I have found 3 more good words to use such as keyword research, most searched keywords, long tail keywords.

    Google Adwords is not exactly a keyword searching tool. It is a tool used by potential advertisers who wish to advertise on the Google Search Engine. It gives the customer a good idea of how much competition there is for words.

  3. Now I must use the keywords I have found. As a Solo Build It user I use a template to set up my page in my word processor. For this page I use the main keyword I have chosen which is KEYWORD SEARCH. I then use this keyword phrase in my title, headline, page description and text, being careful to follow the search engine guidelines for keyword use.

    Now that I have selected my keywords and have used them to set up my page, I am ready to write my content.

  4. Content is the bread and butter of your webpage. It must be relevant to the subject and should be helpful to your audience. It should offer the information your visitor is expecting. For instance. During my search for good keywords I wound a phrase KEYWORDS MP3. The demand for this phrase is high and the supply is quite low. A great combination. However the person who entered this phrase in their browser was obviously searching for keyword information on the MP3 player. He or she would be disappointed in discovering what I have just written. My content did not deliver what they were searching for. This is why your content must deliver the goods.

  5. Solo Build It has a terrific tool called Analyze It. When I have written my page I use this tool to check the page to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row. One of those ducks is the placement of the Keyword within my content. To many repetitions of the keyword will trigger a response from the search engines and cause your page to be treated as keyword loading and will cause the engines to downgrade your page. The Analyze It tool will advise you to either add or subtract keywords depending upon the length of the article.
When I set out to write a new page I do so with the reader in mind. I try to explain in my own words, what I do to make our site interesting. I know that my grammar is not perfect. But I speak from my heart.

One of the things I love about the Solo Build It software is that it multi-tasks. It not only creates a webpage but it simultaneously creates a blog. Since it is a blog I try to send out to the net the page I have written without advertisements. I want to give the blog reader the bare facts. Once both the blog and the web have gone live, I will then place my ads on the web page. This is called monetizing.

From time to time I will make changes to my pages. Sometimes I make a mistake and inadvertently the page now containing the ads gets sent out as my blog. However, this is by accident. I firmly believe the blog should be simply the bearer of good content and nothing else.

These days jobs are more scarce than they have been for many years. Thousands have turned to the internet to search for ideas to make money and how to make money blogging. People want to work from home because travel is so expensive. Working at home may be a spin off from large companies that have found a way to cut costs by having their employees sitting at a desk in the home rather than taking up valuable office space in the company building. At home work is becoming a standard. There are many ways you can work online, and the beauty of it is that you set your own working hours.

You can learn to make money online and one of the best ways is to build a website. How make a website is easy once you acquire the proper software.

If you are going to make a website you will need the kind of software that will help you create a website from beginning to end. You need a program that will guide you through every step. You will need website hosting and you will need to do a domain search and how to make money online articles and you will need someone to give you answers to problems that are going to crop up now and then.

For these reasons I strongly advise you to take a look at Solo Build It. They have the best site building software package ever devised. Take a look at these people who not only tell you their success stories, they set their working hours and SBI helps moms work from home.Why I love SBI Work for home is a reality.

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