Snowmobile Helmet. Enter the hi-tech world.

“A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.”

The Snowmobile Helmet has come of age. Who would have thought such a simple product could be so complicated to manufacture.

Irma and I bought our first snowmobile for $300. Back in 1966. It was a well used, single cylinder machine called a Skiroule. For every hour it ran it required two hours of repairs. Top speed was about 5 miles per hour. Our four daughters had fun driving the little trails we had cut out of the woods near home.

We will never forget a visit my brother Mike and his four children had with us one cold winter day. For once the old machine kept on chugging all day. We managed to get the light working and the kids ran it into the darkness.

At about nine that night we hadn’t heard them for awhile. We put our coats on and stepped outside. A moment later we heard a yahoo and laughter off in the distance. Down the trail they came 3 on each machine (we had purchased another old clunker). Their joyful laughter and absolute glee caused us to remark “that’s what it’s all about”.

We didn’t have a snowmobile helmet back then. As the machines got better and faster the first helmets came along. Motorcycle helmets were adapted. Goggles gave way to visors. Everything was distorted so the visors were improved. Venting was a problem.

Enter the New age of Snowmobile Helmets

Let’s take a look at the top of the line, Men’s Modular 2X-Team Helmet

  • Introducing the second generation of the Snowmobile Helmet that reinvented snowmobiling, the Modular 2

  • Completely redesigned, it features our all new Clear Vision Technology, optically correct double lens visor

  • New visor increases peripheral vision, integrated sunshield reduces snow glare

  • Sunshield with adjustable positions may be lowered or raised at the touch of a button

  • New front push-button release has been integrated into a newly designed jaw makes for easy manipulation while wearing gloves

  • "BREATH EVAC" fog-resistant mask system along with increased vent diameter controls breathing air flow throughout.

  • Quick-release chin strap for quick removal.

  • Spacious design allows room for eyeglasses

  • Graphics applied with an ink transfer process for a high quality finish and increased scratch resistance

  • D.O.T. approved


  • Polycarbonate Composite

    Ladies' Ski-Doo TS-1 Full Face Helmet

  • Wind tunnel tested

  • EPS-lined chin bar

  • Breath-deflector

  • Adjustable vent system and rear spoiler

  • EverClear† optically-correct shield with anti-scratch

  • KwickWick† moisture wicking and breathable removable liner and cheek pads

  • SpeedShift† quick-change tool-less visor system

  • Dual lens visor

  • Available with clear coated bold waterslide graphics

  • Snell M2005 and D.O.T. certified (3XL size D.O.T. only)


  • Polycarbonate composite

  • Available in Pink or Blue

    When the wind is howling and the temperature is way down there, a basic Balaclava is a must under your snowmobile helmet. Nothing fancy, simply a no-nonsense balaclava to keep you warm, dry and comfortable while zipping along with the gang of friends. This Skidoo balaclava has flat seams to prevent skin chaffing and is made of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra.

    With changing conditions come visibility problems. You leave home with the sun shining, moments after hitting the trail it clouds over, the sky darkens, a fog descends.

    The challenge is to maintain good visibility through it all. The Skidoo Sun Visor is a perfect accessory for your helmet.

  • Exceptional optical clarity

  • Hardened anti-scratch coating

  • Pack of 4 different colors

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