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Snowmobile apparel, like everything else relating to the snowmobile has come ahead in leaps and bounds. Just a few short years ago a snowmobiler had to don multi layers of clothing under a pair of coveralls, find a boot that was forever cold, mitts that did the same, and at least two toques and a balaclava to try to keep your head warm. And we called that fun!!! What were we thinking of?

Since those days new material and insulation has been invented resulting in warm, comfortable, clothing that will take all of the abuse you can give it.

Here we will talk about jackets, highpants, boots and gloves by Ski-Doo.

    Muskoka Jacket

  • The warmest Primaloft-insulated Ladies' jacket around!

  • Features feminine details with a relaxed cut

  • Composite insulation to provide extra warmth where you need it most

  • Insulated front flap for increased warmth for your snowmobile apparel

  • RPMMAX waterproof, windproof and has breathable technology

  • All seams and logos are sealed to defend against cold and moisture entry

  • Interior micro-fleece cuffs keep out the cold

  • Waist, wrist and hem adjustment for a better, more comfortable fit

  • Removable insulated hood for versatility and warmth

  • Soft touch collar edge for increased comfort and fit

  • Shaped sleeves to make you look stylish

  • Brushed chin guard

  • Exterior Napoleon pocket for the extras

  • 4-way reflective details for high visibility in all directions

  • Inner MP3, cell phone and cap pocket to keep in touch

  • New ergonomically-shaped zipper pull to improve grip

  • New D-Ring with bigger hook to ease key attachment

  • Insulation… Primaloft is the best

  • Shell… Oxford Nylon

    Available in Charcoal Grey, Ice, Light Blue

    Ladies Voyager Highpants

    Ladies snowmobile apparel just gets better with these stylish Voyager Highpants.

    The truth is in these special features.

  • The warmest Ladies' highpants ever!

  • Features a women's cut for a superior fit

  • Composite insulation to provide extra warmth where you need it most

  • RPM waterproof, windproof and breathable technology

  • Sealed critical seams to defend against cold and moisture entry

  • 1000-denier nylon at seat, knees and inner legs for improved durability

  • Polar fleece at seat and knees for increased protection from the cold

  • Stretch fleece bib for comfort and warmth

  • Shaped knees to follow your shape and movement

  • Drop seat design

  • Easy-access thigh cargo pocket

  • Adjustable waist

  • Insulation…Primaloft

  • Shell… Oxford Nylon

    Ladies' Ski-Doo Hybrid Boot

  • The best of both worlds. Great looks. Comfortable.

  • Designed to give you added support like a snowboard boot, while keeping you toasty warm without the aggressive pitch forward

  • Comfort-rated for -70 °C / -94 °F. It just doesn’t get any colder in Canada

  • If your feet are cold with these boots, better check your pulse.

    Muskoka Gloves

    Snowmobiling is a special sport. You drive around all day with only your hands exposed to the wind. Gloves are especially important as once your hands get cold, comfort goes out the door.

  • New design, improved fit and construction with women's needs in mind!

  • Warmer than ever with new leather palm and fingertips

  • Extra insulation on backhand for added protection and warmth

  • Thinner insulation on the palm for increased sensitivity

  • Box fingertips to avoid cold air infiltration

  • Shaped and articulated fingers for ease of movement

  • Rubberized reinforcement where needed

  • Visor wiper on left hand

  • Reflective piping for high visibility

  • Adjustable wrist and 4" gauntlet for maximum protection

  • Insulation…Primaloft

  • Shell…Nylon

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