Womens Snowboarding. With These Tips You Can Succeed!

Womens snowboarding has come a long way these past few years. Everyone certainly took notice during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games when the TV screen was filled with extremely happy ladies snowboarding their hearts out and literally flying down the courses.

Traditionally, men have dominated snowboarding, but the number of women snowboarders is growing the world over.

Today almost 30 percent of snowboarders taking to the slopes are women. They say that competition is the spice of life and most people in the sport will agree that soon men and women will be competing side by side.

And why not! Size does not matter. Neither does age or gender. Men have had a few years head start but the ladies are rapidly closing the distance.

For those ladies who may be contemplating taking up the sport there are a few things that should be considered.

  • Conditioning. Physically you must be in very good condition because from the very beginning, you are going to fall down. When you do you want to get up again so that you can fall again. It is the nature of the sport. For the first while you will fall so you should begin early in the summer to work out in a gym or fitness center. Nothing is better than walking to toughen up your muscles. Get in the habit of taking a half hour of fast walking every day. If you are into jogging all the better. Climbing stairs is an excellent exercise that will come in handy when you begin to climb uphill. Aerobic workouts such as treadmill walking and rowing and bicycling all are great to assist you in your goal.

  • Lose a few pounds. One of the best way to get into condition is to shed some pounds. When you do you will feel lighter on your feet and will have better balance on the board.

  • Begin to take long hikes. Once you start you will find it really enjoyable. Soon you will graduate to backpacking. This is a wonderful way to get into condition and it will help to shed the pounds.

  • Go swimming. This is an amazing way to tone the muscles and to make you fit for the hills. Good for the lungs and terrific for that extra balance.
As you approach the beginning of the womens snowboarding season you will need to look into buying the board and clothing. For this you should go to the best sport shop you are able to find. Buy good equipment. This is not the place to try to save bucks. Search out the advice of others in the sport. They should not have a vested interest in your purchases. Then and only then should you buy.

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