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Whistler Snowboard Books cover the whole range of from the simplest basics up to and including the most complicated twisters.

Go Snowboard: Read It, Watch It, Do It

For everyone ready to take on a new sport, to engage in competition, and to carve out a new physique, the Go Series is a coach, rulebook, and starter kit-all rolled up into one fast-paced an innovative package. These step-by-step book-and-DVD packages give readers all the knowledge, instruction, advice, and encouragement they need to get up and go!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, even better Video, March 18, 2009 By #F. Webb "country girl" (Northern New England) -

The only snowboard source I've found that actually helped me "get" the movements and balance needed to control the board. On the actual snow, I could somewhat reproduce what I had seen in the excellent, well focused video. I'm not a particularly athletic person or fast physical learner, but I feel this book helped me learn faster than I would have otherwise. Whistler snowboard books.

Snowboarding Skills: The Back-To-Basics Essentials for All Levels

John Gill of Melbourne, Australia had this to say about this book.

I first read this book after my first 5 days on a snowboard, and like many other reviews of snowboarding books have stated there is no substitute for being on the mountain and/or getting a few lessons. Having said that everyone has different ways of explaining concepts, and this book helped to reinforce some of the basics for me like keeping weight forward. After having read this book I had a few principles in the back of my head the next time I went boarding . another good feature is the authors use of other snowboarders to explain key concepts discussed in the book. Also the photos used where excellent better than the diagrams and pics in some other books I have seen. Thanks Whistler snowboard books.

In summary for a beginner snowboard there is sure to be something useful in this book.

The Art of Snowboarding: Kickers, Carving, Half-Pipe, and More

From the Back Cover Let a snowboarding pro show you how to grab some air and get tricky on your board

The Art of Snowboarding shows you everything you need to know about mastering jumps and lumber on the mountain or riding the rails and pipes of terrain parks. Writing for boarders of all ages, professional coach Jim Smith breaks it down with his "progressive snowboarding" teaching method, taking you from the fundamentals to more challenging tricks and giving you innovative ways to push the limits of your skills and create your own style on the slopes.

A virtual slide show, this book is fully illustrated with stop-action photos that reveal each key stage of every trick, from the basic ollie to advanced kickers, rails, airs, and impressive half-pipe rides. With helpful tips on staying safe, choosing gear, and cross-training with skateboards in the off-season, you'll learn how to:

Master the fundamentals of setup, stance, and turning . Perfect your kicker skills for jumps small and large . Conquer the rails of terrain parks . Use felled trees and stumps to your advantage . And ride any size pipe like a professional airdog .

No-Fall Snowboarding: 7 Easy Steps to Safe and Fun Boarding

Learning to snowboard can be easy and painless -- with the right instruction. In this groundbreaking book, Danny Martin, the most sought-after snowboarding instructor today, teaches you how to snowboard in just three days -- and without falling. While the American Association of Snowboard Instructors tells its members, "Your students will fall," Danny Martin shows you that there can be gain without pain: he has single-handedly revolutionized the way the sport is taught, and in No-Fall Snowboarding he reveals his techniques.

Filled with dozens of stunning photographs by renowned photographer Mark Seliger, No-Fall Snowboarding is the go-to guide for people of all ages and skill levels who want to learn America's fastest growing sport. Another great book from Whistler snowboard books.

Snowboarding the World

Special Offers and Product Promotions Buy this travel book during April and get an extra 50% off select travel and regional magazine purchase--that's half off our already low subscription price. Pick from bestsellers like "Travel + Leisure", "Spa" and more.

Review "The ultimate companion for any traveling surfer - a definite 'must have' for anyone serious about surfing in Europe" Coldswell.com "This awesome guide has been hailed as 'the new surfer's bible'" Extreme Sports Channel "Indispensable for every surfer" Wavelength Magazine"

Footprint Snowboarding The World features 100 of the world's top resorts in 19 different countries, taking you from the most cutting edge fun parks to the best places to sleep, eat and drink. Its unique blend of essential snowboarding and travel information, along with recommendation from the word's best snowboarders, makes indispensable reading, whether it's flat light or a bluebird powder day...

Backcountry Snowboarding

Snowboarding is the fastest-growing winter sport in the world. As more and more riders reach advanced levels, they look beyond the resorts to the deep powder, steep challenges, and solitude of the backcountry. But before heading out, boarders also need to be prepared for the backcountry's unique demands. Backcountry Snowboarding covers everything the advanced freerider needs for safe ascent and descent. In this Whistler snowboard books Van Tilburg discusses essential backcountry safety equipment and debates the merits of crampons, skis, snowshoes, and splitboards for ascent. Whistler Snowboard Books offers lessons on route-finding, avalanche and glacier safety, survival and self-rescue, geology, meteorology, plus cross-training and nutrition. Not one to forget the thrill of the ride down, he also covers techniques for all types of terrain and snow: steeps, trees, powder, corn, ice, and crud.

Snowboarder's Start-Up: A Beginner's Guide to Snowboarding

This is a perfect beginners guide to the great sport of Snowboarding.

Mike Altarace of McLean VA had to say about it:

I usually don't bother reviewing, but this book is exceptional! I got it (and about 4 other Snowboarding books, which were too long and intimidating) when I started learning how to snowboard. This book gave me all the basic moves and techniques I needed to get on the slopes and make the most out of the two classes I took. By the third time on the snow I was turning, carving and feeling great about my progress.Whistler Snowboard Books.

Concise and easy to understand, highly recommended, Don't bother with any other book!

Caitlin Brown of Beaufort Couth Carolina says:

I also have the Start-Up surfer's book and it was great! I knew immediately hat I had to buy his other books. Snowboarding rocks too! He always gives cool descriptions, fun context, and help! Trust me, if you know you want to snowboard- check this out! Proudly presented by Whistler snowboard books.

Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness: Reach Your Potential on the Slopes

A valuable guide to pre -season training from Whistler Snowboard Books. Proper training and conditioning are the best safeguards for an enjoyable and injury-free holiday of skiing or snowboarding. Unlike most sports, skiing and snowboarding put huge demands on both body and mind. A momentary lapse in coordination, concentration, flexibility or reflexes can lead to disastrous, even life-threatening injuries. Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness is a well-organized, comprehensive illustrated guide to a realistic and dynamic fitness program that can be specifically tailored to an individual. The book recommends specific programs to guard against the most common types of skiing-related (or snowboarding-related) dangers: Spinal injuries Shoulder injuries Knee and ligament sprains Improper nutrition and hydration. Step-by-step exercise programs treat the body as a whole, with attention on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Many of the exercises improve timing and balance, the two essential factors so critical on the hills and mountainsides. The fitness programs can be completed in months or in weeks and will benefit skiers and boarders of all levels. Required equipment is remarkably simple, gimmick-free and commonly available. Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness is a complete workout program that will help participants perform better, avoid injuries, and have more fun when they hit the slopes. An excellent choice by Whistler snowboard books.

Snowboarding: A Woman's Guide

This is what a reader said about this book:

When I went searching for a book on snowboarding, I didn't want just any book, written by any person. I went in search of a guide written by women for women. This has to be the best guide for not only beginning women boarders, but also for experienced boarders looking to refine their skills. The book takes a very basic approach to boarding, then gradually challenges you to get you just that one step closer to being better. Some of the topics include: Information about all Women camps, what you need to prepare yourself - clothing, equipment, etc., what to expect on the slopes, explains the different style of boarding and what might work best for you, how to take care and store your boots, boards and clothes...endless tips for just about everything you can think of. I would definitely recommend this book to any and every woman boarder I meet. Ride like a girl. Thanks Whistler snowboard books.

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