Whistler Events Guide

by Jude Goodwin
(Brackendale BC)

We started as a small coffee paper in Squamish - called What's On! Squamish. When we tried to register What's On Squamish, we were turned down so had to add Events Guide to our 'official' name.

Whats On! Squamish Events Guide went into print May 2005. A year or so later, we launched our early website (squamisheventsguide.com). Since then our website has undergone two upgrades and next week (January 5th) we are excited to announce the launch of Whistler Events Guide (whistlereventsguide.com)

Our Squamish site has won Best Local Website two years in a row. All our listings are free - we spend hours and hours combing through websites, papers, and local bulletin boards to gather all the event information we can find.

It was only natural to expand to include Whistler and Pemberton. While there are a lot of sites in Whistler that list events, there is no site that lists all of the events, the arts, the family and the sports events in one place.

Both sites are developed and managed by Goodwin Studios. Our 'events guide' team comprises a mother-daughter combo - Jude Goodwin and Sky Goodwin.

Recently we hired a 'branding' expert to design us a new logo and What's On is born.

Please visit our sites and let us know what you think!
Whistler Events Guide
Squamish Events Guide

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