Wedding Invitations, The Best Way to Avoid a Crisis on Your Day.

Not all wedding invitations are created equal. There are three very important things you must consider before you make the final decision as to where to purchase yours.

  1. Consistent quality over the long haul. For many years Wedding Paper Divas has consistently provided top-quality wedding and shower invitations to thousands of their customers.

    "Here are some of the comments from our customers who have used our services over the years. Feel free to take a look and see for yourself why we are the number one supplier of invitations orders."

  2. Personal service. Wedding Paper Divas will not only guide you through your shower and wedding order but they will help you with your designs and your content within the invitations themselves. You can ask for their help at any level and they will help you to present the proper phrases.

  3. They get the job done "on time-every time". Nothing can be more frustrating than having the most important occasion in your life be jeopardized by your suppliers failure to produce your order on time.

    Wedding Paper Divas give the highest priority to delivering your order exactly on the timetable they give you. This takes the stress out of your plans.

What Others are Saying About Wedding Paper Divas:

It makes it so easy to select goods from a company once you have the opportunity to read what other customers have to say about how they got along with their orders.

It has always been Wedding Paper Divas policy since they opened for business in 2004 to let anyone see what their customers have to say either good or bad.

Wedding Paper Divas invite you to browse these comments and go through the archives.

Wedding Invitations Paper.

Wedding Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas are available to be printed with three different types of printing.

What is the difference?

Signature Collection. The printing of the collection is created by the offset printing method, the same way that is used to print the finest-quality printed brochures and magazines.

The result is an invitation with sharp, clear edge printing for an invitation you can be proud to call your own.

The Signature Collection is the least expensive of the three printing methods.

Letterpress Collection. This printing method has been around for hundreds of years. The type to be used to print your wedding invitation is literally pressed under pressure into the paper.

In this manner the lettering is ever so slightly raised, creating a beautiful presentation of your invitation.

The Letterpress Collection is the mid price range of the three collections.

Microscopic View Of Thermography Printing.

Thermography Collection. This printing method is the top quality of the printed wedding invitation realm.

This is a complicated printing method whereby the lettering is printed with a wet ink, a polymer powder is sprinkled on the ink, the excess powder is vacuumed off, and the paper is heated to 900 degrees.

The Thermography Collection printing process produces beautiful raised lettering and once complete will be the envy of all of your friends. Is it any wonder then that this printing process is the costliest printing process and the highest quality in use by Wedding Paper Divas skilled staff?

One of the most important tasks you really must remember when ordering your wedding invitations is to order the Save The date Cards. These reminders are the smart way to keep the date right up there in front of your potential guests.

These cards (there are hundreds of great designs) are also available as fridge magnets (isn't this a brilliant idea?) and as postcards.

Free Website!

Now that you have decided to marry, it is also the perfect time to begin to organize the whole idea. After all, a lot will happen between now and your walk down the aisle.

This is where Wedding Paper Divas come to the rescue. They now offer you your own Free Website that you can set up in minutes as a special gift to you.

This Free Website is yours to have all on your own without any advertising on it. Use it for a whole year while you go through this exciting time.

Your friends and family will be able to keep up to date as your big day draws near. Be sure to check it out here.

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