Retirement Cards For The Lucky One Who Made It All The Way.

Tiny Prints have a great selection of Retirement cards for the person in your life who has finally made it.

Oh, they are so lucky. With all of those tough years behind them they are probably ready to sit back, relax and take it easy for a change.

Now they will have time to:

  • Get up late, or not at all
  • Eat when they want to eat
  • Go for a walk
  • Join a seniors club
  • Hit a casino for some gambling fun
  • Go fishing, golfing, sailing
  • Take a cruise or trip to Europe

That is the beauty of retirement. Finally retirees now have the time to do what they always wanted, not what the boss wanted.

Not everyone knows what retirement is all about. To retire is easy. Simply outlast the time it takes to reach retirement age and toss aside the old routine.

But have they "really" given retirement serious thought?

Retirement takes planning. Plenty of it. If a person has neglected to plan for retirement they may be totally lost and retirement may be an anchor around their neck.

Here is just one of the great Retirement Items you can design for your retiree.

Select the type of card you want to use, set up your own content and you can upload your own favorite photo for the inside of the card.

Perhaps you know their favorite joke or quotation or you have one of your own. Perhaps they had a story they couldn't stop repeating.

Keep it light. After all, now is not the time to embarrass anyone is it?

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