Real Genius. You Are About To Meet One

Do you know a real genius? Very few of us do. I mean a real, died in the wool true genius.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to build an internet website?Possibly you have done so since there are more than ½ a trillion web pages out there.

If you are like Irma and I, you may have tried and became totally confused, enough so as to dump the idea. Things like FTP and HTML drove us up the wall.

Everything you see on this page must be coded. The code must tell where each item must be placed on the page. Take note of the navigation bar on the left. The code for the make-up and placement and color is complicated.

Would you like to take a look? Try this. Look up at the top left of this page where it probably says File Edit View. Click on VIEW and look for the word SOURCE. Click on that word. A new page will open and you will see all of the coding that went into the make-up of the page. This is what drives people up the wall.

Back in 1998 when the internet was a baby, a person who tried to build a website had to learn all of these codes.

One man, Dr. Ken Evoy who was a successful medical doctor working at the Mc Gill Medical Center in Montreal, Canada, had a fascination with computers. He designed a program for tracking stocks on the stock market. He made about $150,000. over a few short years.

He and his wife designed a toy for their child and sold the rights to it to a large toymaker. Twenty one more followed making a small fortune for the family.

Finally his genius flowed forth as he somehow realized that someday, millions of computer illiterate wannabe website builders would need a simple method to build their dreams.

How did he know?

How did he foretell all of the changes that were taking place every week and find a way to plug the holes?

Dr. Ken Evoy not only made it simple for people of every age (seniors like us included) to publish a beautiful website, but the method he set up results in thousands of ordinary folks, men and women of all ages being able to take pride in having a nice site without the need to learn complicated coding.

Many hundreds of thousands of ordinary teens, adults and seniors have created content filled sites in every category imaginable.

Due to the ease of building many of these sites also bring their owners money they may not ever have attained.

More than thirty percent of his mentored websites are consistently in the top one percent on the world wide web.

Yes in our opinion Dr. Ken Evoy and his Solo Build It program is nothing short of REAL GENIUS.

Be sure to read our tips on how to build a website.

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