Printable Birthday Cards. Yours to Create

Printable birthday cards add your own personal touch to the special occasion. The question is:

Why not use the cards that are already online?

Hundreds of websites feature every design you can imagine. They employ very smart people who know how to design and write beautiful cards, so why do you want to buy personal cards?

The truth of the matter is that many people want to inject their own thoughts in their cards. After all, when you pick up a card from the card display in the stationery store it already has a greeting someone else has written.

Then what do we do?

We write a greeting also.

So why not order cards with our own special verses printed directly from the printer? This way you convey your special thoughts in a very professional manner, nicely displayed. All you need to do is to sign the card to complete the idea.

Now here is the kicker. You can really personalize your cards using your own photograph and placing it on the card.

See here how it is easily done. You will discover your hidden talent.

You get to choose the paper, the color, the print and photos.

While you are doing all of these things, you may as well take advantage of the Get 3 free greeting cards including birthday cards, anniversary cards and sympathy cards by opting into a Tiny Prints membership plan. With this special you can purchase all of your cards at 50% off.

When people receive personal printable birthday cards they generally keep them in full view for a long time. Around our home we have cards from one year to the next simply because they contain photos of our children and grandchildren. They are precious to us. My wife likes to compare the past photos with the latest ones to see how our families grow.

But we can send ecards

Certainly some ecards are very nice, but the problem is that once they are viewed that is the end of them. Think back to the last time you received an ecard.

Where is it now?

There you go. Check the recycle bin. Another problem we have with ecards is having everyone in the family view them.

The card arrives in the in box, you view it, others might view it for a moment and then it is discarded.

Don't people throw away snail mail cards?

Yes they most certainly do, however they tend to keep them around the table or desk top for a few days.

Now, the printable birthday cards are a different story. They have a photo of our loved ones and not many people want to throw away photographs, especially when someone has taken the time to create a card and an expression of love within it.

This then is the beauty of the printable cards.

  • The printable cards are easy to produce.

  • The cards have photos of our loved ones and people who care.

  • Printable cards can be ordered for any occasion.

  • The paper used is superior quality.

  • The colors are your choice.

  • People do keep your card for a long time.

  • You can buy Tiny Cards starting from just $.69 each!

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