Write News Articles And Ezine Articles Will Increase Your Traffic

You may believe that news articles are strictly for newspapers and media broadcasts. Not so. It all depends upon your own description of the news as you hear or read it.

Creative writing is simply the act of creating a slice of knowledge from information you may have stored in the depths of your brain.

For instance, suppose you hear a news story about a bank robbery that took place in your city yesterday. The crooks entered the bank, showed their handguns and forced the teller to pass over the money in the till. They escaped on foot.

The report lasted no more than 30 seconds.

Now what if you wanted to use your writing skills to write a news article about the story?

Reading and writing go together. So does hearing and writing. The story is in your brain simply waiting for you to put it on paper.

Creative writing allows you to gather the thoughts from your brain and place them on paper.

If you own a website, you want people to find you.

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How do they do that?

There are many ways, but one of the best is to write articles and submit them to online publishers who will print them for others to find them and use them in newsletters and ezines articles.

Remember a few years ago there was an ad on TV about a product and a girl said she told two friends, and they told two friends, and they…

Submitting articles to publishers is the same idea.

The articles will be assigned a category where they will sit until someone who needs an article finds yours interesting and decides to use it. They are required to print your BIO and website link along with the article. People read your article and some click on your link and that is where some of the traffic comes from for your website.

News articles are another form of creative writing. If you cannot think of an article concept you need to look no further that the news.

So what category should you write about. Perhaps you are writing a book about cursive writing. Have you seen a new article anywhere about what is new in cursive writing? Is cursive writing a thing of the past? Can cursive writing survive?

If you take some time to check some of the sites online you will be rewarded with a huge list of articles and stories about cursive writing.

For instance, there is even an article titled "Mourning the Death of Cursive Writing" by Claire Suddath of TIME magazine that may be of interest to you.

News articles such as this will create a flood of ideas within your brain cells. Now all you need to do is to write your article and send it off to the publishers.

Of course it sounds simple but with the proper training you will be successful.

Where do you get the training?

You train yourself. You go to the publisher's website and read the authors guidelines. That is the best way. They will tell you what they want and how it is to be composed. Each publisher has his/her guidelines. Some are very adamant. Do it their way or move on.

One of the main mistakes some people make is plagiarism. Your article must be original, not a copy of someone else's article.

You must be careful with the placement of links to your website or product you are selling. Some allow them in the body of the article and some do not.

So you learn by reading and studying the guidelines, and you learn how to find material for your article and now you get to work and write it.

At first you may not get an immediate increase in visitors to your site. The whole world is not waiting for YOUR article.

But they will find you. You can count on it. If the reading public find news articles they will fine yours.

If you want a slow, steady increase in visitor traffic then you must have a steady increase in the number of articles you submit. Some webmasters have submitted thousands of articles and reap the rewards.

Article submissions are the lifeblood of the visitors box. Newspaper articles create ideas for you. They are free articles waiting for you to create your own. Magazine articles work even better as they may go into more depth and are not rattled off by a news reporter working to a deadline.

ezine articles are another excellent source of ideas. You read them and your brain will be buzzing with your own ideas.

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