Whistler’s mountain bike park. It’s Outstanding!

"Two lions broke loose in the zoo and were eating a clown. One lion said to the other ..."

"Does this taste funny to you?"


We just visited Whistler’s mountain bike park and judging from the amount of visitors looking on and the amazing numbers of bikers trying our the course it looks like once again Whistler planners have come up with another stunning winning attraction.

Most people who think of Whistler think of beautiful snow capped peaks, outdoor enthusiasts dressed in the latest colors and fashionable snow suits, swishing down the slopes in the latest hi-tech skies and snowboards over deep white powder, or sipping the latest fad drink in one of the many après-ski establishments located wrought the village.

Well “hello world.” Whistler is not only the snow-fun capitol of the Americas but the fun continues year round regardless of the season.

Summertime brings out the hi-spirited mountain bikers who, through the eyes of the older generations, risk their lives as they do things on bicycles that would challenge superman or wonder-woman.

The 3 young men in the top photo are just what we mean. Young daredevils ready to take on whatever the park designers have placed on the table. Unfortunately, we missed getting the two gents on the sides but the young man in the center is Felix from Calgary, Alberta, who is visiting for the fun of it. I did a short, very amateurish video with Felix.

The numbers of visitors to be found throughout the village is astounding. Summer draws folks from every corner of the earth. New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Germany and all points in between. If you listen carefully as you traverse the crowds you will hear an amazing array of languages in this cosmopolitan group.

They fill the bars and restaurants, as well as the outdoors patios to overflowing. The hundreds of trendy shops are doing a landslide business is selling the wonderful top quality goods for which Whistler is noted.

From the Whistler village area visitors only see the very bottom of the park. There are actually over 200 kilometers of trails (everything is massive at Whistler) offering challenges of every level and ability to those who dare. All told there are 57 runs on the mountain.

Fortunately for all of us mere mortals who must keep both feet on the level ground, the finish line is down at the bottom of the runs and that is perfectly placed for viewing the many competitions that take place.

This photo is taken from the bikers viewpoint. Isn’t is incredible? Imagine what it must feel like, soaring through the air like an eagle. The only problem I can see is that to do so you must be on a bicycle.

In order to get a true feel for the park and it’s trails take a look at this map showing all of the terrain.

In addition to the park, Whistler mountain bike park has two skill centers, a jump park, drop off park and section called the Boneyard Slopestyle Park which sounds like a lot of fun.

No need to take your own bike, you may rent great bikes from Garbonzo Bike Valet located at the base of the mountain.

Just when you thought it can’t get any better, whistler now has an Air Dome where you can practice on their 8000 square foot indoor training range. Practice your jumps and land in nice soft foam.

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