Linking is a Must For Search Engine Popularity

Linking is a huge part of building your website popularity. It is a necessary part of bringing visitors to your web pages. When you add a link somewhere the search engine spiders will detect it sooner or later and give your website more credibility and over time you will climb the ladder to success.

  • There is one item you must control when you place a link somewhere, and that is site rank. Site rank relates simply where the website ranks in popularity compared to all of the millions of websites on the world wide web. Google estimates there are between 1 to 3 billion websites. That means there must be over trillions of web pages.

    So if you link to a weaker site the link will be not as strong as you want it.

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    What makes your website popular to the search engines is the strength of your content to the public, combined with the websites that are linking in to your site. If the links are from highly ranked websites you are on your way.

    So where do you find this ranking information?

  • The website sets the industry standard. Add url addresses to their search page and you will see the rank of the website both world wide and the USA and other countries around the world. Do not worry if your website is ranked at 20 million or so. That means you are still ranked higher than many millions of websites.

  • Irma and I use Solo Build It! Software to build our website. With it we are taught how to build our websites so that we will rank higher and the result of this action plan ours, and thousands of other Solo Build It! Webmasters, find our websites rank within the top one percent on the net.

    So this will be your goal as you begin linking with other sites.

  • First you should download the Alexa Toolbar from their website. It is free. I use it on Mozilla Firefox. When you bring up a website on Firefox you will see immediately the ranking of that site on the tool bar. It also gives a rundown of links and the popularity on other search engines.

    We must apologize. Solo Build It! Uses a link exchange program where we place our website concept and the computer finds all of the other websites who use this program whose owners want to exchange links. Unfortunately we are not familiar with the other link exchange programs on line and cannot recommend any to you.

    One word of advice. The main search engines continually explore ways to downgrade links originating from link farms. These are websites that do nothing but list links and those links are totally useless. This is called a link farm. Do not confuse the link farm with a web directory as that is another thing all together.

  • The purpose of linking is to assist the visitor to find credible websites. A backlink from a good site to your site tells the search engines that your site is worth looking at and this gives it a higher page rank. Aim for quality backlinks from link exchanges. Link popularity is very important.

    When we link with another website we want to be assured that the website is compatible with our content. We would not want a link from a site that sold motorcycles for instance. But we would certainly accept on from a website on mountaineering or outdoor sites. We have links from travel destinations from all over the world.

    Other than link exchange programs, where do you find quality links?

  • My favorite place to find quality links is through BLOGS. You want good quality links so I suggest you go to as they have 133,000,000 blogs and we have never had a problem with them. You register and then search the categories for blogs that will be compatible to your site. You should review a few stories and it is best to post some helpful information in the comment section rather than simply adding a couple of words for linking.

    Another way to find blogs is to go to google and to enter this:

    (keyword) inanchor:blog

    If your website is about fishing you change it to:

    Fishing inanchor:blog

    Try different keywords and you will find plenty of blogs for linking programs.

    Because of the nature of the beast, computers do not always do what they are supposed to do.

    We can count on things going wrong from time to time. Especially when it comes to linking. You link to a blog or website and as sure as the sun will rise, the link will go bad eventually.

    Our website comprises over 300 pages and thousands of links. If we had to select one tool that Solo Build It! provides it would be the Broken Link Notice.

    Can you imagine searching for one link on our site!!

    When a link breaks, we receive an email showing which link is broken and on which page the link sits.

    Linking to other good sites is a must. Add a link to a highly ranked site and it should help you for years to come.

    Irma and I wrote a page we call Solo Build It! Review. We hope you will enjoy it.

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