Happy Birthday Cards With Photos Are Saved, Not Discarded

The most popular Happy Birthday Cards are those great photo cards produced by Tiny Prints.

Why Are They So Popular

  1. The main reason is they are photo cards.

  2. The cards are keepsakes. Nobody throws them out.

  3. You may use your own Greetings content.

  4. You make the card yourself as you want it.

  5. Tiny Prints have hundreds of thousands of beautiful cards.

  6. Prices as low as .69 cents.

  7. You can buy all of your cards for ½ price with a membership.

How do I Make my Photo Cards

Making Tiny Prints photo cards is really simple. You supply the photos, then you… wait now! Take a look at one of these "how to videos" and in a few moments you will see for yourself just how easy it is.

When you make your own cards you also can choose from different types of paper, card colors and more.

People who receive photo birthday cards never throw them away once the birthday passes. We all love photos of our families and friends so we keep them around for a long time.

Photo Wall Calendars

Photo Wall Calendars by Tiny Prints are a great way to brighten up your parents and grandparents days.

You need to be a mom, dad, grandma or grandpa to really understand who nice it is to own a calendar with the family’s photos.

As we get along in age we require a calendar to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and graduations, as well as appointments to see doctors, dentists, and more doctors. It gladdens the heart to turn another page and view beautiful family photos.

It only takes three simple steps to create your calendar.

  1. You choose the calendar design you prefer.

  2. You add the text and photo for each page.

  3. You proof read what you have done and submit it for printing.

Children Birthday Party Invitations

Tiny Prints Personalized Birthday Party Invitations are extremely popular. Build your party announcement card using your favorite photo and invite all of your child's friends to the party they will not soon forget.

With graduation time almost here Tiny Prints Graduation Announcements are a must. We know you are proud of their achievements so let all of their friends know about the big day.

Holiday Party Invitations with your favorite photos are a great way to set the tone of the fun time to come. Don't wait until the last minute to order. Tiny Prints have a very fast order turnover but you should allow enough time for the carrier to get your order to you on time.

When you are thinking of happy birthday cards you should take advantage of Tiny Prints Get 3 free greeting cards including birthday cards, anniversary cards and sympathy cards by opting into a Tiny Prints membership plan.

Use the plan to obtain the lowest price possible, after all, we all want to save money, don't we? Did you know that you can purchase Tiny Prints Studio Basics Holiday Cards - Starting from just $.69 each!

What about thanking everyone for bringing the nice gifts. Personalized Thank You Notes are the answer. After all, your friends took the time to bring a gift and it will be so nice for them to receive a nice personal photo thank you card in return to show your appreciation.

Happy birthday cards work both ways when followed up with your special "thank you".

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