This was what happened to my friends and I many years ago. A practical joke that backfired.

Prior to our town finishing the task of providing sewer services to everyone, our section of town still used septic tanks or outdoor toilets. Our section had outdoor toilets only.

It was just after World War 2. My friends dad just returned from overseas. Since the outdoor toilet had not been moved for a few years his dad decided to dig a new hole in the ground, move the toilet a few feet over the hole and cover the poop up with clay.

The father got busy late that afternoon, dug the hole and moved the toilet. He decided to leave the open, poop filled hole until the following morning when he would complete the job.

Unfortunately for us we decided to celebrate Halloween by tipping over the toilet which was a common joke to play in those years.

Well after dark we sneaked into the backyard, located the toilet, made sure the coast was clear, closed in on the building and promptly stepped knee deep into the filthiest cesspool ever.

It’s sixty years later and I can still smell that aroma.

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