Freestyle tricks. What they are all about?

"It is the surmounting of difficulties that makes heroes.

- Louis Kossuth Freestyle is really a combination of acrobatics as well as special techniques. The skiers must learn these to compete properly. In the Olympics the skiers are not just trying any kind of trick but moves they have practiced over and over again.

b>How to do the tricks.

If you are considering Freestyle skiing you must know each of the turns and flips that you are expected to perform. Presented here are the basics.


Of course the skis must have tips on both end. The skier takes off, does a 189 degree turn and lands backward. It is important to hold the backward skiing down the slope.


When you hit the ramp and take off, look over the shoulder in the direction you want to turn. You will notice the skis will follow your head. Grab the Tail while in the air and pull it into your turn. Hold it until you almost land.

540 Tail Grab

With this turn you are going to need to spin harder because grabbing the tail will slow down your rotation. Keep looking over your shoulder and holding the tail. Pull it into your spin. Spot your landing with your weight centered and hit the landing with your skis first and then let the tails touch.

Corkscrew 720

With this freestyle trick it is important to start off on your right edge. When you zap the edge, extend your right arm forward while looking toward your left hip. Cut the wind resistance by tucking up for more speed. To slow down the spin, open up. Passing your 540 you will observe your landing. Come out of the spin and reach for the landing.

D Spin 720

You want to learn this one on powder. Take off on the outside edge, turn your head and throw your shoulder into it. Tuck up to get your skis crossed. After your spin, spot your landing, straighten out and hit it.

Mute Grab

Once you get airborne, don’t reach down to make the grab but bend your knees, lift your legs and grab the opposite ski.

Half Cab Mute Grab

Approaching the jump, ski backwards. Get your weight balanced. Centre your weight above your feet. Look sharply over your shoulder as you take off and you will rotate. After your turn look for your landing and hit it heavy. This is one of the nicer freestyle tricks.

Under Flip

You start this flip by turning 90 degrees to face the slope at a right angle. Just when you take off you must throw your uphill shoulder down and you want to roll upside down. Now make a 270 to land or hit the landing heavy.


One of the easiest freestyle tricks is the back flip. A backward summersault in the air. As you come up the ramp shift your weight backward by leaning back and this will make you flip perfectly.

Backflip Mute Grab

For this trick you need speed and rotation. The secret to master this trick is to be able to perform the backflip confidently. This is important. In the tuck go for the grab quickly. Arch your back, see your landing and tread heavily.

Alley Opp

For this one you want lots of speed. Take off and turn your body uphill by looking over your shoulder. See your landing and hit it by treading heavily.

Alley Opp Flatspin 540

As you leave the pipe you must throw your uphill shoulder down the fall line. Now turn your body and get your feet in a level position with your head. Turn your stomach and as you face the ground go for the grab. Extend your arms ahead of you and spot your landing area.


As you take off, jump in a backward and sideways motion and this will get you into a horizontal position after you are airborne. Note your landing and do so after your flip.

Switch Corked 720

Freestyle tricks like this one are demanding. Make sure you look over your shoulder in the direction you want to spin. Slide your skis flat as you approach the lip. Start your turn and do a corked 540. Tread heavily as you hit your landing.

Rail Slide

Get some speed, then jump to land on the rail. Keep your weight centered as you glide along. You must turn your shoulders to face the direction you want to exit.

Flair in the Pipe

Don’t try this trick without being very good at the backflip. Freestyle tricks should be mastered one at a time before moving on to the next one. Hit this trick with speed and begin the trick. Shift your weight backward as you leave the ramp. When you are up there finish you 180 and tread heavily when you land.

Spread Eagle

Hit your take off and as you get in the air, spread your arms and legs to the side. Keep your position vertical. Open your legs once airborne and close them as you land. Tempo is important in this one.


The twister is a 360 with a twist thrown in. this trick involves turning the upper body in one direction and the lower body turning in the opposite direction. Keep you head in the same direction as your upper body. Try doing this trick from both directions.

Iron Cross

This is one of the tougher freestyle tricks. You need good height so you don’t get your skis caught in the snow. The idea is to cross your skis once you are airborne. Bend your skis so that they are behind you. Cross them and then uncross them and pull your legs back. The skis should be parallel as you hit your landing.


Hit this one with some speed. More rotations need more speed. Once you get in the air make as many rotations as you can. Keep your head turned in the direction you are turning.

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