First Trip to Whistler

A few years ago my wife and I went on our first skiing trip to Whistler. We had only skied twice at a small ski hill in Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Naturally we would not be considered great candidates for tackling the Whistler/Blackcomb mountain slopes. What we lacked in experience we made up for with guts.

I had more confidence that my wife so after leaving her on the bunny hill with the t-bar I headed up on the chair lift at Blackcomb.

It was beautiful. The muted quiet of the ride was fascinating as I was airlifted up and over all of the skiers using the trails. Some were lying down after falling and others simply zoomed past. I couldn’t believe how well they skied. They appeared to float over the snow.

I disembarked the lift and hurried to get out of the way of those behind me and naturally fell in a heap. I scrambled aside, replaced my skies and was relieved to see that the slope facing me was not too severe. Gradually I skied down the trail trusting everyone else who appeared to be much better at this than I would avoid me. Reaching the bottom I drew a sigh of relief. Checking with my wife I found her at the base of the bunny hill. She was upset. She had kept falling using the t-bar. Just couldn’t get the hang of it. I talked her into coming with me up on the chair lift as it may be easier.

We did and went up until we found a green slope that the information board promised to give us an easy challenge.

We had a ball. The trail was nice and gentle. When beginners like us also fell we had no trouble to go around them.

That was the first of many wonderful times skiing on these mountains. We would recommend a trip to ski Whistler/Blackcomb to anyone.

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