An old bachelor lived many years alone on a small rural farm. Finally he got up the courage to ask Jessie the spinster to marry him. She agreed. They took his horse drawn wagon to the church and got married.

To get home the horse had to climb up a long hill. One third up the hill the horse drew to a stop and wouldn’t move. The bachelor used every cuss word he could think of. Finally the horse started to go.

THAT’S ONCE, said the bachelor.

Two thirds to the top of the hill the horse stopped again. Without a word the bachelor took a shotgun from under the seat and shot the horse dead in it’s tracks.

With that the old spinster told him he was crazy, stupid, dumb, an idiot, inhumane. She screamed at him for five long minutes. Finally she went silent.

Looking her straight in the eye he said lady, THAT’S ONCE.

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