Camping Cooking For The Family. Why Camping Stoves Were Invented

Who says while camping cooking, women must cook meat on a stick over a hot smoky disgusting campfire, while watching out for out of control kids, and that lazy hunk of a man spends his day fishing and hollering to me to bring him a beer. Here is reality fellows. Get over it.

I want to be honest about this from the beginning. There is no reason why a woman must stand over an open fire as the cave men did, well, cave people.

It may be a million years ago when they finally figured out how to make fire. Then one evening a few thousand years ago after cooking a meal of leftover muskoxen stew over a hot rock, the lady of the cave discovered one of the rocks had melted and all she had left was a chunk of iron.

Before we knew it some smart woman took some of these chunks, piled them into a box shape and there it was. Our first stove. Held the heat for days with only a few little sticks to keep the heat going.

After that happened of course, Mrs. Edison told her hubby how simple it would be if he would only invent a light for the oven and in the meantime Mrs. Tesla explained to her husband how to make electricity and in no time presto. We have nice electric stoves in our homes.

So why are we still cooking like the cave-woman did in the campground?

When I go camping I want the biggest, most fully equipped RV that a woman can make. Forty four feet of bright shiny steel and aluminum and self cleaning glass with every electric gadget that women can make. Granite counter-tops instead of boulders to cook on. Fancy self-cleaning bone china dishes, big tables and as much room as four slide-outs can give. That is what I call roughing it.

Now here is my idea of camping cooking the modern way.

First I take a nice juicy pork roast, place it in the crock pot on the beautiful granite counter top, drop in a little water, turn the knob thingy to high, place the cover on top, set the timer for six hours and that is it. Now I check that the men opened their beer and are looking after the children who are playing a game of some sort before we girls head off for a hard day of shopping at the malls.

You see, this is the way that camping cooking should be. None of this pitching a tent, chopping down trees to build a fire, trying to cook for the family with all of that smoke and ashes to spoil the food. Who said the cooking was woman’s work anyhow.

Women have been born to shop. That is why stores have been invented in the first place. If men were meant to shop all that would be needed would be the bare necessities laid out on a roadside stand. No stores necessary.

After we return from a tough day at the mall, I check out the roast, take a look to see that my man cut up a few carrots, potatoes, turnip and spices and in no time our nice supper is ready to be served. I call my husband to set up the table using the linen napkins and the fancy Royal Doulton china of course.

Now, you may be one of those women who find some kind of sick enjoyment out of burning meat on a stick over a smoky campfire but for me, this is the proper way to cook a delicious supper for the whole family with my lily white hands. Now excuse me while I check out what is on the TV.

"Hurry doing the dishes dear and turn down the heat on the coffee pot".

Camping cooking. I love it.

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