Camping breakfast. It should be the MAN thing

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”

Vernon Howard
Camping breakfast. Start the day off right with a great one and you will be a star for the rest of the vacation. After all, it’s the service that makes camping so fantastic.

This is not a how to cook article. It’s not an instruction manual on how to fry the perfect bacon strip, or how to flip an egg. Not even a guide to cook up a perfect plate full of food.

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Instead, I give to you a recipe on how to give your wife a little time off in the campground. Presenting her and the family with your best breakfast served with all of those little things your family will remember for a lifetime.

    The food is secondary. It’s all in the presentation.

    Six basics are important:

  • You be the Man. You must be up out of bed first. This is very important. You want to spoil the family. This is the one opportunity to show your true colors. You are waited on all of the year. Your family will love you for it so get ready to reap the rewards.

  • Make a campfire. Apart from the great food you are going to prepare and all of the service you will soon perform, the campfire is very important. It will crackle and smoke as it gets up to steam. That is what makes camping fun. Years from now that smell will be the first thing gathered from the memory bank when the word camping is spoken.

  • Cook outside. You are Camping. Don’t prepare the breakfast inside the RV. What fun is that? Since you got out of bed first, let the others take their time. As soon as the aroma of your culinary delights will hit their noses, they will come alive and you will be their hero.

  • Make the coffee or tea first. Is there anything that smells so good as fresh coffee or tea first thing in the morning? The aroma will permeate throughout the tent or RV. In no time, without prompting, people will want some and get up.

  • Cook up the best breakfast you know how. Keep everything hot. Warm up the plates either on the other burner of the stove or near the campfire. We use paper plates when we camp. Makes clean-up a lot easier.

  • Now serve the great camping breakfast outside, if the weather is good for it, or bring in doors if necessary. This is what camping is all about. The family will love you for it.

There you have it. I have always tried to be the chief cook and bottle washer on our family camping trips. After all, my wife is forever cooking and cleaning for me and the rest of the family for the entire year. I always felt the least I could do for the few times we go camping would be to be proactive. I will be the knight in shining armor who my wife thought she married.

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