Affiliate Marketing Tips The Little Guy Should Know

Affiliate marketing tips are usually helpful to the Super Affiliates, but what about the little guy. The guy or gal who has a content filled website and simply wants to earn a few dollars from affiliate marketing.

So many websites forget that for every site that focuses on selling one e-Book or e-Course, there are millions of site owners who are searching for an affiliate ad they want to place on a page without too much fanfare. Something that might bring some revenue on a consistent basis.

Focus is a great word. The Super Affiliate will focus on one, and only one, item for the sales page. They spend many hours writing and rewriting their page until the reader who finds it will find it really tough to resist the hype.

If you have plenty of great content you may want to look at some of the affiliate focused sites like or or for e-books you may want to look at

For those of us who simply want a small ad to dress up a page with the hope someone will click and buy something we do not stand a chance, unless…

Place yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Why are they on your site in the first place.

  • They are there because they like the content you have provided.
  • They like the look and feel of the site.
  • They like the soft sell.

Not everyone wants the screaming headlines or the BUY NOW push.

Your content will provide their comfort zone. People learn to trust you and your pages of good content. Once you have 50 or hundreds of pages you are on the right track.

Now is the time to join an affiliate program. Select one featuring a solid company with popular products and then write a page endorsing them. Now write as many pages as you wish linking back to that page. These will be tier two pages. Of course you will be placing great keywords on each page as well and these will lead more visitors to your pages. Remember it is because of you and the trust your visitors place in you that people will listen to your suggestions.

Do a review of some of the products you endorse. Again because of your content and the trust, your visitors will read what you write and take action. follow these affiliate marketing tips and you will be on your way to success.

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